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  • 7 valuable benefits of sterling silver - a well-researched guide from a reputed house of jewelry artisans and makers

    March 12, 2023 2 min read

    7 valuable benefits of sterling silver - a well-researched guide from a reputed house of jewelry artisans and makers

    It’s not every day that you buy jewelry. It’s an annual occurrence–quarterly if you are one of the lucky ones, and now monthly if you read this seriously. Financial wisdom states that jewelry is an optimal choice for investments, especially in Indian households. You aren’t wrong–purchasable in small quantities, the ability to wear it daily, and a liquid asset–what more do we want? So far, gold and platinum have been waving their path into the hearts of ladies and their homes. And as good an investment as gold is, we can’t forget the emerging hero of metals–sterling silver.  

    Let’s look at seven benefits of having sterling silver in your treasure box 

    Easy on the Wallet 

    The mighty silver isn’t limited to just the charm and shine of the colour but is also quite affordable and reasonable when compared to the other metals in its family. Sterling silver is different from fine silver due to its added copper, resulting in lower production costs and selling prices. 


    This metal is surprisingly great at keeping your health in check, both mental and physical. It is a common perception and fact that silver boosts your immunity, destroys antibacterial bacteria, prevents infections, and also calms the mind. Many Indian women wear heavy anklets for preventative purposes. Not only is it pretty, but it’ll also look after you like no doctor did!  


    Deny all you want, but clumsiness is a gene we’re all cursed with, but that shouldn’t limit us. Sterling silver is durable, unlike its counterpart, which is fine silver. The copper in it gives it the power to withstand wear and tear like no other–don’t bump into a bus; it’s durable, not immortal. 


    This benefit is catching the most eyes, we know. Silver is a liquid asset that can easily be sold for cash when required. A good investment that can be easily traded in hard times. Here’s hoping it never comes to that! 

    Diversity of Products 

    Sterling silver comes in various options and styles for you to choose from. Rings, anklets, bangles, bracelets, earrings, or a necklace –there’s one for everyone. Whether you’re into traditional designs or a more contemporary, intricate style, you get what you want. And the best part? It is gender-neutral. You can just as easily rock a silver necklace as your significant other. 


    This one’s for the eco-friendly folks. Sterling silver can be recycled and reused, a healthy environment option. Silver jewelry products are responsibly sourced, as most silver mines use ethical and sustainable practices.  

    Wearable Investment 

    Let’s give this ‘look pretty, feel pretty’ a new vibe with sterling silver. An investment you can wear, at all times, through thick and thin. It’s low maintenance which ensures no more running to the store to get your stuff cleaned, simply take a soft cloth, and you’re good to go.  

    To sum it up–sterling silver is a smart option for anyone looking to stand out from the ordinary in terms of aesthetics and investment. Its longevity, sustainability, affordability, health benefits, and the various styles it comes in, make it worth every penny. This metal presents itself with an option to start small, take a minimal piece of jewelry, and then go on adding to it.