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    Shop Sterling Silver Accessories Online 

    There are several jewelry websites where you can shop for sterling silver 925  hair accessories,  maang tikaas,  rings,  banglesand bracelets online. However, it is important to check the authenticity of the brand and the jewelry you are purchasing before making the buying decision. Before making a purchase, be sure to check the seller's reputation and reviews to ensure that you are getting a quality product. It is also important to read the product description carefully to understand the material, size, and other important details. 

    Shop Bestselling Top 5 Accessories at Paksha: 

    1. Mayur Kempu Jadau Silver Maang Tikka: This one is for all the women who want to look their very best for a special day. The maang tikka is full of charm and beauty with its design of identical mayurs, i.e. peacocks on both sides creating a balance of artistic components on the tikka. It also features Kempu stones set in Jadau style that add a flair of traditional to this modern piece of jewelry. 

    2. Matsya Double Motif Silver Cuff Bracelet: Dress up in a jiffy and still look like an Indian diva in the Matsya Double Motif Silver Cuff Bracelet. The bracelet is handcrafted by skilled artisans and is made of high-quality 925 sterling silver, which is a popular material for jewelry because of its durability, shine, and affordability. The cuff is adjustable with single matsya or “fish” motifs at the ends, and the adjustable cuff design ensures that it can fit a range of wrist sizes. You can pair the bracelet with understated silver bangles for a trendy, stacked look. 

    3. Irya Delicate Jadau Silver Bangles: The Irya Delicate Jadau Silver Bangle has been handcrafted in the style of Jadau to make delicate flower bud motifs at fixed intervals with Red and White Kempu stone designs. The bangle can be worn solo or stacked with other plain bangles for a trendy, stacked look. This bangle can be paired with casual wear to formal wear to partywear with equal ease. 

    4. Delicate Floral CZ Silver Black Bead Ring: This eye-catching ring has its roots in the ancient Indian lore when women used to wear black beads as a symbol or marriage. With time and diverse cultural impact, the black bead mangalsutra has given way to black beads bangles, bracelets, rings, anklets and more. The black beads rings are very popular among the younger audience who like to experiment with their looks. The Delicate Floral CZ Silver Black Bead Ring has a beautiful floral motif made with Cubic Zirconia stones surrounded with a ring of black beads. This ring should be worn with casual outfits or partywear as is appropriate to the occasion.

    5. Matsya Silver Ring: The Matsya silver ring is a part of our Matsya collection which is inspired by our oceans. Matsya or “fish” is considered to be auspicious since ancient times. This ring is a modernized take on the traditional design and symbolizes good luck. With amazing Kempu stones handcrafted in an inimitable style, this ring goes beautifully with Indian attires as well as western outfits. 

    Paksha has a wide variety of sterling silver hallmarked jewelry to vouch for the authenticity of the materials used. Learn more about us at  Paksha.