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    Shop Mukta Pearl Jewelry Online at Paksha 

    Pearl Jewelry has always been accorded a different place in jewelry lore. The sheen, class, and ageless quality that has always been associated with pearls have made pearl jewelry very unique and desirable for ages. Pearls are available in different colors and forms, but real pearls are quite rare. Infact, it is believed that no two real pearls are ever the same. Given the rarity and demand for real pearls is so high that it’s no wonder very few people are able to afford them. 

    The rarity and demand for pearl jewelry led to many experiments, and some were successful too, like the freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are real, cultured pearls resembling Akoya pearls mainly but can also produce pink, lilac, and peach colors apart from the fresh white color. Freshwater pearls are grown in lakes, rivers, and sometimes ponds as well. 

    Given the availability of freshwater pearls and affordability, it took very less time for jewelry makers to start lines of freshwater pearl jewelry. The beauty and charm of freshwater pearls are undeniable. So, it was a no-brainer to make freshwater pearl jewelry for us at Paksha. But we decided to assemble these freshwater pearls with sterling silver metal giving the luminous pearl an equally luxurious frame of 925 silver. The result was the Mukta Collection, where you could discover pearl jewelry in tribal, floral, art deco, etc., motifs each more charming than the next. 

    Top 3 Mukta Jewelry Bestsellers Online at Paksha 

    1. Floral Pearl Silver Studs 

    The beauty of these glorious sterling silver Indian stud earrings lies with the design of the studs. The elegant sterling silver studs lies in its floral design, the hub and spoke design with a charming green cab stone as the hub and lines of floral pearl designs in a semicircle spokes. These studs can be paired with ethnic as well as traditional attires very comfortably while drawing all eyes to your chic statement earrings. The matte finish on the yellow-gold plating on the sterling silver just adds to the attractiveness of the earrings. 

    2. Amaira Pearl Silver Necklace 

    Amaira Pearl Silver Necklace holds the second position because of its quirky yet elegant, timeless style. The eccentric 3D triangle designs combined with pearls create a beauty of their own that never fails to impress people. Casual, timeless, yet lightweight and breezy, the sterling silver Indian silver necklace has an eye-catching matte finish on a gold-plated silver necklace. Be it a day event, soiree, or a party, pair it with the right attire, and you can be the showstopper of the party. 

    3. Milani Pearl Silver Necklace 

    A necklace for gifting or partying, that’s our Milani Pearl Silver Necklace. In a setting of antique gold-plated strands and circular discs, studded with charming freshwater white pearls, this double-layered sterling silver Indian necklace is meant for contemporary women. You can wear it solo or pair it with other accessories of the Mukta Collection for a stunning look. Being contemporary yet timeless in style, you can wear to a casual event as well as a black-tie affair with comfort.