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    Paksha has always been at the forefront of the jewelry industry. Our artisans continuously strive to stay ahead of the curve by bringing their customers the latest and most innovative designs. We ensure that our collections are always unique and reflective of contemporary tastes. One such collection that augments the beauty of the pearls wrapped in modern designs is the Mukta Collection. The collection reflects Paksha's dedication to innovation and its ability to anticipate & adapt to changing trends in the jewelry market. The pearl jewelry in the collection features a range of stunning concepts that push the boundaries of traditional designs, offering modern interpretations that appeal to the tastes of today's discerning consumers.

    The pearl earrings in the collection are a delicate fusion of sophistication and charm. The classic stud earrings and the gorgeous drop designs accentuate the natural beauty of pearls. The pearl necklaces are designed to make a statement while exuding understated elegance. They range from single-strand pearl chains to layered pearl necklaces. The collection's bracelets and rings offer a range of eye-catching styles that cater to your tastes and preferences. We are highlighting our best-selling products from the collection below.


    Our most loved Double Pearl Baroque Silver Earrings feature a unique design that showcases the natural beauty of pearls in a contemporary setting. The crescent-shaped baroque pattern crafted from sterling silver creates a stunning backdrop for the pearls. The baroque pattern adds an element of texture and dimension to the earrings. It enhances their visual appeal and creates a striking contrast against the lustrous pearls. The raw, uncut pearl hanging in the end adds to the organic beauty of the drop earrings. You can style these pearl earrings with a simple white shirt for a day at the office or a glamorous evening gown for a special event.


    Our versatile Amaira Pearl Silver Necklace is a classic piece of elegant jewelry designed to grab attention wherever you go. The necklace features a series of intricately crafted 3D triangular motifs that are delicately interconnected to create a mesmerizing pattern. These geometric motifs add a modern edge to the necklace while simultaneously invoking a sense of free-spirited bohemian style. The pearls add a soft touch and create a harmonious balance between the edgy flair and sophisticated design. You can style the pearl necklace with a little black dress for a monochrome contrast or layer it with a crisp button-down shirt for a casual brunch date.


    The Kiva Pods Statement Adjustable Silver Chain Bracelet reflects an elegant and feminine touch. It features luminous pearls nestled within the motifs inspired by the lotus seed pods. The adjustable chain of the bracelet has a sleek and minimalistic design, which allows for a customized fit that is comfortable and secure. You can pair the bracelet with jeans and a t-shirt for a laid-back weekend look or a tailored suit for a business meeting.


    Our statement Kiva Silver Finger Ring is the perfect accessory that can be transitioned from day to night outfit. It features a delicate freshwater pearl cradled within a lotus pod motif. The elegant jewelry piece evokes the imagery of a treasure freshly discovered from the depths of the sea. You can wear the ring alone as a focal point or pair it with other subtle pieces to draw attention and admiration.

    Our Mukta collection offers a fresh take on timeless pearl jewelry. What sets the collection apart is its emphasis on experimentation and creativity. Our designers constantly explore new techniques and materials to create elegant jewelry that satisfies your imagination. At Paksha, nothing is more rewarding than seeing our designs come to life and bringing joy to those who wear them. We hope that when you wear our pearl jewelry, you feel the same joy and love we felt while creating it.