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    Shop Exceptional Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

    Drop earrings are an extended form of stud earrings that hang below the earlobe. Indian drop earrings come in different patterns and styles and are suitable for different occasions. 925 silver drop earrings can be yellow or rose gold plated or have an oxidized silver finish as per the design. In case you want to wear something more elaborate than stud earrings, but don’t want to go for bolder earrings then drop earrings are the perfect choice in that case.  

    Pure silver Indian drop earrings come in a range of motifs such as  temple,  tribal, geometric, floral, animal, etc. They can be embellished with precious and semi-precious stones to add to their look and grace.  

    Here is our choice of top five drop earrings: 

    1. Fagun Moissanite Silver Drop Earrings 

    Asymmetrical moissanite stones are studded in gold plated  Fagun Moissanite Silver Stud Earrings. This pure silver handcrafted glory is covered with high-quality CZ stones that lend a sparkle to the earrings. These understated silver drop earrings are perfect for everyday style as well as for simple occasions. 


    2. Floral CZ Pearl Drop Silver Earrings 

    The  Floral CZ Pearl Drop Silver Earrings distinguish themselves with their subtle feminine grace. Plated with 18K gold and studded with high quality CZ stones and luxurious pearls, these sterling silver drop earrings will make a perfect everyday style companion with any outfit. 


     3. Zoe Art Deco Silver Earrings 

    When you first look at the  Zoe Art Deco Silver Earrings, they may remind you of old-style anklets and geometric patterns. With cylindrical studs and a horizontal bar from which hangs a trio of chains ending in metal beads, these women's drop earrings go well with sarees for a family function or can add a playfulness to your office wear with their understated charm. 


    4. La Mer Pearl Silver Earrings 

    Go for the  La Mer Pearl Silver Earrings if you want to capture the grandeur of the ocean in jewelry form. With a conch-like shape and a string of pearls dotting the frame of the sterling silver drop earrings, these women drop earrings have a raw, natural appeal to them. These gold-plated 925 silver drop earrings will look exceptional when paired with ethnic or western wear. 


     5. Swara Three Layer Floral Silver Drop Earrings 

    The  Swara Three Layer Floral Silver Drop Earrings capture the essence of intricate Indian craftsmanship in detail. The shimmering gold-plated elegance of the sterling silver drop earrings is only enhanced by the playful three-layered floral design while the golden pearl beads and pink Kempu stones bring the design together in a balanced grace. The colors, textures, and tones are divine and will make you look exceptional at any event or occasion. These women's drop earrings are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. 


    There is usually quite a confusion between people with regards to drop and dangle earrings. Drop earrings are a kind of extended stud earrings that remain stationary even when you move while dangle earrings move with every movement you make. They can swing back and forth or from side to side. The length of the dangler can vary depending on the design of the dangle earrings.