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    Shop Indian Design 925 Silver Rings

    There arevarious styles ofsterling silverrings available in the market. From western style, super cool rings to gorgeous Indian style rings.Silver ringsfor womencan be discrete in style or make a bold statement but one thing they never fail to do is uplift the entire appearance with their presence. 

    There areblack beadrings,adjustable rings,stackable rings,couple rings, andalphabet rings to choose from when you go ring shopping. Then, there are the distinctive modern and traditional styles to choose from. The choice of a ring depends on the occasion and outfit for which it is bought. You can go with delicate rings for everyday fashion or to pair with formal wear while you can wearstatement rings on special occasions and festivals. 

    Let us have a brief look at thedifferent types ofsterlingsilverrings available in the Indianjewelry category: 

    Delicate Rings:

    As the name suggests, delicate rings are minimal in nature with only a single band in most cases that maybe studded with gemstones or not as per the design. Delicate rings can be carried comfortably for longer durations and hence, are perfect for daily wear. You can also pair delicate rings with your formal wear due to their minimal designs. The Single Band CZ Silver Ring is made from 925 silver with white rhodium finish and studded with high quality sparkling CZ stones giving it a classic look. It can be worn alone or paired with rings with different gold finishes for a trendy stacked look.

    Stackable Rings:

    Stackable rings come in pair of two or more rings that can be worn together. They create a very contemporary, trendy look and are perfect for a day out with friends, casual parties, or special occasion. The Baroque Stackable Moissanite Silver Ring has graceful baroque floral patterns in antique gold plating on 925 silver. The sparkling Moissanite stones add to the elegance of the ring making it perfect for any special occasion.

    Adjustable Rings:

    These rings are open on one side so as to fit perfectly. The adjustable closure is usually decorated with different patterns and/or studded with stones as it is the main feature of the ring. Adjustable rings are very trendy and can be worn to cocktail parties, weddings, or festive occasions. Varda Jadau Silver Ring with its green and white Polki stones studded in the Jadau style is an excellent ring to pair with your other Polki Jadau jewelry and looks extremely chic at special occasions. 

    Classic Rings:

    These rings are made in the classical style with floral and leaf patterns adorning the central structure. They can be embellished with precious stones in different colors or even enameled to give them a distinct look. The Peony Jadau Finger Ring is designed in the shape of a floral bud with Jadau encrusted white stones adding to its elegance. Classic rings are perfect for special occasions such as festivals and wedding celebrations. 

    Statement Rings:

    By their very definition, statement rings are meant to stand out. As such they have distinctive, bold designs or large colorful stones to make them noteworthy. Statement rings are meant for grand occasions and can also be a part of the bridal trousseau. The Matsya Statement Silver Ring is one such example of exceptional statement rings. With its fish designs and pink and green Polki stones, this ring will up your style quotient on any occasion.

    Black Beads Rings:

    Black bead rings have black beads in their designs. Modern married women are taking to wearing black bead rings and bracelets in lieu of mangalsutra or black beads necklace. There are many trendy designs available in black beads rings like the Elegant CZ Silver Black Bead Band Ring. The ring is made up of three distinct bands with the sidebands of high-quality CZ stones and the center band made up of black beads. This 18K gold-plated Hallmarked sterling silver ring can be worn every day or on casual occasions.