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    Any jewelry that is bigger than its normal size is called statement jewelry. In the case of earrings, anything bigger that a couple centimeters can be called statement earrings. Statement earrings can add a touch of whimsy and make you stand out but it is very important to style them carefully. Here are some tips on how to style your statement earrings:

    1. Statement earrings can instantly jazz up your simple, basic or solid color outfit. You can try them out with a little black dress, basic t-shirt or sweater, monochrome kurti or salwar set to add a little personality to your outfit.
    2. Statement earrings can be worn with any type of hairstyle. You can tie your hair in a high ponytail or a low messy bun or just leave them down when wearing statement earrings.
    3. Statement earrings tend to draw attention to the face. So, be sure to select a design that flatters your facial structure.
    4. One of the most important caveats while wearing statement earrings is to keep the other jewelry minimal so that your statement earrings really stand out and do not get shadowed or overpowered by other jewelry. Stick to minimal bracelets or subtle rings to look your best.
    5. Earrings don’t have to be huge and dangly to classify as statement earrings. Anything that stands out and makes a statement can be called statement earrings. It may be the style or color or design that makes them stand out.

    The three remarkable Indian silver statement earrings are:

    1. Svara Moissanite Silver Stud Earrings: With delicately charming floral buds studded with semi-precious moissanite stones, Svara Moissanite Silver Stud Earrings are expertly handcrafted gold-plated 925 silver stud earrings, they are a perfect example of contemporary aesthetics meeting the classic traditional style. Wear them every day with your casuals or on simple occasions for a breezy look. They can go with ethnic and western wear quite comfortably.
    2. Neysa Kempu Jadau Silver Earrings: When it comes to Indian jewelry designs, the Jadau style holds a quite fascination among jewelry aficionados. No wonder then that you will find statement earrings in Jadau style. The Neysa Kempu Jadau Silver Earrings are a colorful representation of diverse designs in perfect harmony. You will find the classical crescent moon shape along with fish and floral motifs set in an intricate filigree pattern. These earrings bear testimony to the skill of its designers with Kempu and Coral gemstones, cluster pearls, and blue enamel set in a gold-plated 925 silver frame. These earrings are perfect for any festive occasion or wedding celebration.
    3. Jalika Chandbali Silver Earrings: The Jalika Chandbali Silver Earrings are crafted in the Nizami style. Iconic crescent moon shaped frames are studded with semi-precious Kempu and uncut Polki stones, cluster pearls and fish motifs creating a symphony of gold and pink hues. The earrings are 10 cms long and will be quite an addition to your statement jewelry collection. Pair them with a saree or lehenga for a breathtaking appearance at any festival or wedding celebration. You can also add them to your bridal trousseau.