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    Paksha's Silver Tribal Jewelry - Loka Collection

    Paksha’s latest Loka Collection draws inspiration from the ethnic motifs of Indian tribes that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of Indian culture. Our tribal jewelry captures the essence and artistry of the indigenous communities across India. The collection consists of oxidized earrings, necklaces, bangles & bracelets with symbolic motifs and geometric patterns that pay homage to our cultural heritage while embracing modern aesthetics. The oxidized jewelry in the collection weaves a narrative of tradition and modernity and offers a fresh perspective on ethnic fashion. You will notice the prominent use of semi-precious gemstones in vibrant blue, green and purple hues that add character to the jewelry pieces. Some tribal jewelry designs have notable use of turquoise gemstones, which have long been revered for their spiritual significance that symbolizes protection, wisdom and positive energy. Besides adding a pop of color, these gemstones also serve as a nod to the nomadic tribes of India who have long adorned themselves with these precious stones. We highlight our top picks from the collection that will surely pique your interest in oxidized jewelry.


    Our Turquoise Oxidized Silver Drop Earrings are crafted from high-quality oxidized silver. The earrings have a dual-tone finish, adding depth and dimension to their aesthetic. They also feature a vibrant turquoise gemstone studded delicately to the silver framework. The oxidized earrings can be worn as a statement piece for a special occasion or as an everyday accessory. You can pair these oxidized earrings with a flowy bohemian maxi dress for a laid-back yet chic look. Style them with a crisp white shirt and high-waisted tailored trousers for a polished look. The earrings are sure to make a lasting impression.


    Our Peacock Classic Oxidized Silver Choker sustains a vintage charm with its antiqued finish. It displays the majestic peacock motifs, which are a symbol of grace and beauty in Indian culture. The semi-precious uncut polkis further add to the radiance of the choker necklace. You can style the versatile choker necklace with a sleek black gown and a neat bun for a touch of Hollywood evening glamour. For a bohemian look, you can layer the choker with other oxidized jewelry from the collection and pair it with a solid cotton saree.


    You must consider adding the Fiore Oxidized Silver Bangles to your jewelry collection. The bangles are crafted by our skilled artisans, keeping in mind the rich cultural heritage of India while infusing the design with a contemporary sensibility that resonates with modern fashion trends. The bangles feature pink floral motifs that add a subtle pop of color to the oxidized silver. The oxidized silver finish and the floral carvings create a harmonious contrast that is both striking and elegant. You can pair these bangles with your formal wear or stack them with other oxidized bangles for a casual and chic look.


    Our Tribal Band Oxidized Silver Ring is a true masterpiece crafted for special occasions. The statement ring is a stunning example of the fusion of tradition and innovation in contemporary jewelry design. The oxidized ring is crafted from high-quality silver and features dual plating, adding depth and dimension to its design. The semi-precious polkis studded to the ring further augment the regal charm of the jewelry piece. You can wear this oxidized finger ring alone or stack it with other silver rings from the collection to elevate your style.

    At Paksha we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled jewelry designs, which our customers love. The stunning Loka collection reflects the brand's dedication to creating high-quality jewelry that is visually stunning and also imbued with cultural significance. The collection allows you to own oxidized jewelry, which draws inspiration from sources like traditional Indian motifs and tribal art forms.