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  • Chic Choker Necklaces That Everyone Wants in 2022

    February 22, 2022 2 min read

    Chic Choker Necklaces That Everyone Wants in 2022
    Chokers have been around since the Egyptian civilization. They are  necklaces that are worn close against the neck. We often see chokers made out of ornate, intricately arranged gemstones or as an ornamental band of fabric that sits perfectly well against the neck.

    Recently, traditional chokers have been making the rounds in the jewelry styling space like never before. They strike the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. They are also edgy when styled with western wear, amping up your style quotient. Choosing the right choker can be difficult; they have to be easy to wear, lithe on the neck and comfortable to style.

    Here are Paksha’s picks of exquisite traditional chokers that are trendy, unique and stylish – making them the most sought-after designs in 2022.

    1. Nargis Jadau Silver Bridal Choker Necklace

    Jadau chokers are stellar  pieces of jewelry that display an elaborate arrangement of gemstones like quartz and kempu stones. This Jadau choker is a bridal design with a symmetrical sequence of gemstones, floral motifs and quartz stones dangling off of the frame of the floral motif creating a classic and timeless design.

    2. Belize Art Deco Silver Choker

    Art deco is a style of jewelry that is characterized by the bold use of geometric patterns and abstract designs. The Belize Art Deco  Silver Choker is a chic design that is presented with high polished gold plating. The sharp pyramid-like motifs are linked together to look like they’re woven together. The design is predominantly inspired by the Egyptian pyramids. The design presents a rustic and vintage feel and can be styled flawlessly with casual, ethnic and indo-western wear.

    3. Tushita Pearl Silver Choker

    This delicate piece of jewelry has all our hearts. The pearls and the gemstones on the handcrafted Jadau piece brighten up the entire look of the  silver choker necklace. The pearls beautifully adorn your neck with their tiny embellishments. At the heart of this piece, we have the lotus motifs that hold together the three lines of pearl strands in one place. This piece is definitely something one can beautifully pair with silk sarees and lehengas to brighten up your special occasions.

    4. Anupa Gold Plated Silver Choker

     The contemporary aesthetics blend perfectly with traditional elegance with the Anupa silver choker with a gold plating. The delicately set floral motifs add a touch of elegance to this masterpiece. To top it all off, the pearls are a perfect cherry on the cake with their usual exuberance and splendour. The pieces’ delicate arrangement makes for a great companion for a fancy dinner or your best friend’s sangeet.

    This list of exquisite chokers is definitely something everyone is going to be eager to lay their hands on.  Choker designs have been experimented with and the results of that are wonderful. The experiments have led us to explore varieties and genres of  silver chokers that leave no stone unturned in brightening up intimate dinners, weddings, and special occasions. Chokers are pieces of jewelry that have evolved since their inception. From Alexandra, wife of King Edward the VII to a modern-day woman we’ve come a long way in accepting and embracing chokers.