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  • Couple Jewelry Trends That You Need to Hop on to

    July 12, 2022 2 min read

    Couple Jewelry Trends That You Need to Hop on to
    Gone are the days when fashion was limited to women. We’ve come a long way in redefining the rules of fashion and how. Today men are taking over the world of fashion by storm with their confidence and experiments with trends, while styling designs sometimes even better than women. Jewelry for men and women has gained popularity like never before, and jewelry trends relating to couples have been gaining momentum. With the current scenario, that day is not far away when a couple will be proudly sporting their choicest trendy and classy ornaments.

    Here are a few popular jewelry trends for Couples that are just delightful.

    1. Personalized Finger Rings

    Rings for women and men have been around for a while. But the rings designed for couples with a personalized message or specially designed as a pair, are making rounds in the fashion world. The rings are customized for a personal touch. You can carve endearments, names, or anything that describes the couple’s journey together. Personalized rings reflect the couple’s personalities making it one of their key features. You can be sure to make a statement on your special day or anniversary with these designs. You can also gift your other half these pretty, trendy couple rings with engravings and small messages.


    Matching engagement rings and bands with personalized engravings are the stars of the hour. They have made their way into the hearts of young couples like nothing else. From vows to endearments to inside jokes, there is nothing that you can’t engrave on your engagement ring.

    2. Pendants

    If there is one trend that is absolutely adorable is the concept of two pendants designed to be a part of a whole necklace. This design is truly a pinnacle of couples' silver jewelry design. The design can be anything from puzzle pieces to lock and key. These designs are crafted in silver, gold-plating or gold. All you need to do is find the one design that best defines your relationship with your partner.

    Lockets are classic, yet a relevant piece of couple jewelry that warms our hearts. Wearing a locket or gifting your loved one a locket is still considered one of the most romantic gestures of all time. This trend isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon.


    3. Magnetic Bracelets

    An interesting design that has been in trend quite recently is the one with Magnetic bracelets. This bracelet gets stuck to your partner’s bracelet because of the electromagnetic field and it is the cutest, most science-y way of saying you and your partner are connected.


    Matching bracelets are still a highly desirable design idea for couples' jewelry. You can choose to wear charms of your partner's initials, engrave names, initials or messages that are special to you and your partner. Stepping out while wearing these stunning pieces of silver bracelets, pendants or rings and twinning with your partner can be the most romantic part of your evening/outing.

    As long as there is imagination and love around us, there is never going to be a dearth of romantic couple jewelry ideas. These designs are going to keep evolving just like love.