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  • Is Gold or Silver a better investment for Wedding Jewelry?

    January 07, 2022 3 min read

    Is Gold or Silver a better investment for Wedding Jewelry?
    Gold and Silver jewellery have been in our lives since time immemorial, they’re both an integral part of Indian heritage. Love for these precious metals has transcended the boundaries of culture as people from all walks of life incorporate the use of these valuable metals in their lives.

    Weddings are never complete without the resplendence of Gold and the elegance of Silver.

    More often than not, wedding ensembles are planned around complimenting pieces of jewellery. In India, where its wedding season for the major part of a year, investing in jewellery is not only inevitable but also frequent. As being fashion-forward starts showing on the purse strings, you may wonder, do I always have to buy gold? Or is Silver a good investment too?

    In this blog, we try and demystify the aura of value that has been inherently attached to owning gold jewellery. 


    Why Gold?

    Gold is an attractive, valuable asset that is both desirable because of it looks and how much it appreciates in terms of investment. The appreciative value of Gold provides protection against the wrath of inflation which is also why gold jewelry is passed on from generation to generation and becomes an heirloom. The high prices for gold jewellery are a direct consequence of the increased demand for these goods.

    Gold is an expensive precious metal, so buying gold is not as easy as buying any other commodity. It requires greater financial bandwidth. Investing in gold over a period of time surely reduces the burden of having to buy gold right before the wedding but it still puts a huge strain on the wedding finances. But with changing times, these sky-rocketing prices have motivated the fashion industry to explore affordable and elegant variations of these precious metals. They range from gold plated jewelry, 14k gold jewelryto sterling silver, plated silver and silver 92.5 Choker necklaces and earrings.



    Alternatives to Gold

    One of the most recent additions to the above-mentioned list is gold plated silver ornaments. Silver is a precious metal that is affordable and reasonably priced. It is priced at least 70 times lesser than gold but appreciates in value just like gold. Silver jewelry is versatile and can be paired with casual, daily and traditional outfits alike. They are also a great investment option as they are affordable and valuable.

    Gold plated silver ornaments are designed with intent to fuse the durability and timelessness of silver and the shine and elegance of gold. This design style is easy on the pocket while remaining true to the grace of the jewelry design. When making a statement at multiple occasions in a year, gold plated silver jewellery helps in easing the burden on your pocket as you stick with trends in fashion. Daunting gold prices and blocked assets need not be a worry anymore as gold plated silver jewellery give you the leeway to stock up on the best jewellery designs in the business, more often.


    It’s natural if you are worried about how jewellery sets would look when crafted in silver with a gold polish. However, the layer of gold that is plated on silver is inherently valuable too and makes it impossible to distinguish between real gold and the plating. With the lowest purity of gold starting at 10K and highest going up to 24K gold, each piece of jewellery is handcrafted to reflect the cultural nuances of Indian fashion. The color of the piece depends on the purity of the plating, the higher the purity, the brighter the color of gold. This makes it ideal companions for weddings where being radiant and stunning is a given.

    Gold plated silver ornaments are a huge hit and are the most sought-after jewellery for weddings as they are very durable, and could potentially become heirlooms. They are affordable, chic and perfect for a world where trends are ephemeral and vogue is a passing fancy!

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