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  • Kundan, Oversized, CZ or Unique – How to Pick Your Ideal Silver Maangtikka

    March 01, 2022 2 min read

    Kundan, Oversized, CZ or Unique – How to Pick Your Ideal Silver Maangtikka
    Maangtikkas are exotic looking hair accessories that can be sported by not just a bride, but her entire gang and everyone else. Maangtikka was a key accessory for a bridal look. Recently, women have grown to accept that maangtikkas can be a more inclusive hair accessory. This allows any woman who desires to sport a maangtikka on a special to do so without looking out of place.

    There are several different types of maangtikkas that are in style. Our favourite ones are silver maangtikkas with, Kundan, Kempu, and cubic zircon stones. Oversized maangtikkas are bold, beautiful and definitely among the favourites.

    Kundan is a traditional form of silver jewelry making that is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The semi-precious gemstones are set beautifully on the piece with just a gold foil separating the stones from the mount. The gemstones are embedded in the frame of the design making them look enchanting. Maangtikkas embedded with Kundan sometimes have clusters of pearl, or coloured stones hanging off their frame which makes the colours of your outfit pop.

    The maangtikka enhances the structure of your face and adorns your forehead by resting on the parting of the hair. You could style your hair into a middle-parted bun, a simple hairstyle that involves a puff while you let your hair fall on your shoulders.

    Oversized Maangtikkas are exactly what you need if you are into everything chic. Along with being chic, oversized maangtikkas are trendy and make for an excellent hair accessory for not just the bride but the entire bridal party during the sangeet or mehendi. The oversized maangtikkas are crescent-shaped or circular. They sometimes have clusters of pearl or small-sized beads falling off of their large frame. These small beads and pearls add to the ethereal beauty of the maangtikkas. The elongated part of the maangtikka that holds the crescent or circle-shaped frame of the maangtikkas is sometimes packed with floral motifs to bedazzle the parting of your hair.

    Zircon studded maangtikkas are the most beautiful. Zircons on simple, delicate maangtikkas are popular. Simple designs usually have a strand of silver that holds the delicate maangtikka in place. But zircons adorning the strand is definitely a sight to behold. They are perfect for special occasions.

    We categorize maangtikkas as unique because of their shapes. Unique maangtikkas aren’t always crescent-shaped or circular. They tend to come with a twist. They come in shapes like oval or triangles with motifs. They might come in different shapes and sizes but they help you pull off any look you decide to put together.

    Kempu stones are now being used for maangtikkas as well. Kempu stones with pearls hanging off is truly a visual treat. The colours of the Kempu stones and the beauty of the clustered pearls are in perfect harmony.

    At the end of the day what kind of maangtikka you pick solely depends on the taste. The rules that dictate the right face structure for a maangtikka can be broken and experimented with, because what’s fashion without breaking some rules? However, keep one thing in mind when picking out these maangtikkas, that is, make sure that they reflect you and your personality to the fullest.