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Paksha’s Best Selling Drop Earrings in 2022

March 14, 2022 3 min read

Earrings with tiny danglers that hang just below the earlobe are called drop earrings. They are styled with formal wear, casuals or traditional ethnic outfits. Silver drop earrings can range from intricate, big pieces to petite and demure jewelry. A jewelry box essential among every modern woman, drop earrings are all the rage in 2022.

Here is a list of Paksha’s best-selling drop earring designs to own this year.

1. Nina CZ Silver Earrings

This timeless piece of drop earrings is decked with high-grade cubic zircon stones. The design is made of pure 925 silver jewelry  with a white rose gold plating. The zircons stones descend into a large square frame whose border is embellished with tiny zircons. The piece can be styled with formals, casuals or even traditional ethnic wear.

2. Sage Art Deco Shooter Silver Earrings

The Sage drop earrings are dominated by geometric patterns designed in a unique, edgy way with a matte gold plating. Art Deco style is inspired by simple geometric and symmetrical patterns. Our piece features green semi-precious stones which can be easily styled with western and Indian casuals, Dark coloured organza or cotton sarees etc.

3. Aakriti Pearl Silver Earrings

These pearl earrings are a wardrobe essential. The matte gold plating and freshwater pearls make it a perfect beachwear. A single pearl hangs in between a cluster of tiny pearls suspended by a stick-like figure. The sand textures are highlighted in the piece which is unique and uncharacteristic.

4. Leela Pearl Drop Earrings

This uniquely shaped frame cascades and makes a statement. The pearls that hang from every corner of the frame tie the aesthetics and elevate the look of the entire piece. The Leela Pearl Drop Earrings are made from pure 925 silver with a matte gold plating. The delicate and dainty frames make it a stunning piece of jewelry earrings you can own.

5. Beduin Loka Silver Drop Earrings

There is something about the charm that exudes from the tribal collection. The bedouin drop earrings are grand and festive with the elaborate peacock motif and tribal silver. The piece is highly polished and handcrafted with precision to look unique. The piece is made with oxidized silver which adds a rustic charm to the piece making it a must-have.

6. Himavat Loka Silver Drop Earrings

A combination of geometric and symmetrical patterns and tribal design defines this piece. The drop is shaped like a cone, it is like nothing we’ve seen before. The semi-precious stones add elegance to this rustic and earthy piece of jewelry. This oxidized silver piece is encrusted with bezel-set turquoise stones which can be styled with western wear, cotton or organza sarees.

7. Griha Jadau Silver Drop Earrings

The wonders a set of Polki stones can do are innumerable. The Griha Jadau drop earrings are just one of them. This finely crafted design is plated with gold and put together for festive, holiday seasons. The intricate design finds beads made from quartz hanging off the cluster of pearls and creating a symphony of colours and patterns.

These pieces of jewelry are amongst the most popular, the most cherished and the most loved products from our vast jewelry collection. They are popular, cherished and most loved because they resonate with the tastes and preferences of a woman who loves to adorn herself with the finest handcrafted silver jewelry. At Paksha, it’s all about crafting magical memories and moments with fine jewelry.

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