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  • Sparkle Like the Stars: Unveiling 5 Silver Jewelry Picks Loved by Celebrities

    November 28, 2023 4 min read

    Sparkle Like the Stars: Unveiling 5 Silver Jewelry Picks Loved by Celebrities

    Silver jewelry holds timeless allure, and we know it best! Some of the most common pieces pf jewelry worn by Indian celebrities these days tends to be one of these five picks, and you’ll see why. 

    When it comes to making a statement or adding that extra touch of glamour to any outfit, silver jewelry is a true game-changer. From the red carpets of Bollywood to the bustling streets of New York, silver jewelry has been spotted adorning the necks, ears, and wrists of A-listers. But what's the secret behind this trend's enduring popularity? We’re here to help you find out. 

    Here’s a sneak peek behind celeb picks:

    Red carpet radiance now includes our silver pieces. Discover the top five picks adorning the who's who in Indian showbiz and witness the magic they bring to every look. From the glitz of Bollywood to the chic streets of New York, silver jewelry is the ultimate style weapon, transforming outfits with a touch of glamour. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind its enduring popularity and guide you through the coveted world of celebrity silver statements. Are you ready to spot our pieces and effortlessly embrace the style?

    1. Shukti Jadau Silver Jhumki Earrings

    The Shukti Jadau Silver Jhumki Earrings earrings are fan and celebrity favorites. Made in the eternal jhumki style, these opulent earrings are the most versatile silver Jadau earrings you can own. They are embellished with sparkling moissanite stones and red enamel, with teardrop-shaped green polki lining the jhumki.  

    The celebrities who love these jhumkis include: 

    Ananya Panday

    Kiara Advani

    As you can see, Kiara and Ananya have chosen to pair the Shukti earrings with white and cream outfits, respectively, to match the earrings. These earrings are best paired with greens, reds and whites. You can also wear these earrings with an outfit of your choice and make a statement!

    2. Anupa Gold Plated Silver Choker

    The Anupa Gold Plated Silver Choker is a simple yet striking piece, sure to be a part of your closet. Chokers can be minimalist, like this one, or maximalist in the Jadau style, and this minimalistic beauty is made for those who relish an uncomplicated look. 

    Here are a couple of celebrities who love this choker:

    Allu Sneha Reddy

    Palak Tiwari

    The difference in styling by Allu Sneha Reddy and Palak Tiwari shows how versatile the choker is. Chokers can be minimalistic statement pieces, like with Allu Sneha Reddy’s wardrobe, or can be part of an ensemble, like with Palak Tiwari’s, who has paired it with the Aparna Gold Plated Silver Jhumki Earrings that match the pink color of her outfit.

    3. Ashuti Jadau Silver Earrings

    The  Ashuti Jadau Silver Earrings are a luminescent set of earrings, embellished with enchanting moissanite stones and lined with rice pearls. The earrings follow a Chaandbali style, with their design, and hang beautifully from their floral studs on the earlobe 

    Some of the celebs who favor these earrings are: 

    Mithila Palkar

     Sai Tamhankar

    Mithila Palkar and Sai Tamhankar have both gone for similar kurti-churidar combos that have a floral or embroidered element that suits the earrings perfectly. Building a look that your jewelry enhances is a skill that is easily learned, and our blogs aim to make that easier.  

    For a demure look that allows your earrings or necklace to take the spotlight, go for large earrings and no necklace. This is a simple style practice that comes in handy especially when you don’t know what to wear!  

    4. Mohini Polki Silver Bangle


    The  Mohini Polki Silver Bangle shines extremely bright, no matter the occasion. The meticulous arrangement of circular polki stones and pearl lining make it a distinctive piece. What’s more, the intricate engraving on the emerald stone makes for a great conversation starter, too.  

    Say, have you noticed that these celebrities absolutely love the bangle

    Shruti Hasan


    Divya Agarwal

    Showcasing two different ways that you can wear the bangle, we have Shruti Hasan going for a more jewelry-heavy festive look, while Divya Agarwal showcases more of an understated yet graceful look to match the bangle. Both styles look gorgeous and will surely make your evening sparkle. 

    5. Arka Moissanite Silver Finger Ring

    Finally, the  Arka Moissanite Silver Finger Ring Always the cherry on top, this silver ring will be the final addition to your well-curated ensemble. A majestic floral design made with dazzling moissanite; this ring is set to be your number one favorite this festive season. Mark our words!  

    Or, even better, get inspired by these celebrity looks:

    Ananya Panday

    Shruti Hasan


    As demonstrated by Ananya Panday and Shruti Hasan, this ring can be added to any outfit (with or without other jewelry) to create your perfect look.   

    At Paksha, we believe that the epitome of every outfit is in the details, and our silver jewelry is designed to make your style shine. With each piece meticulously crafted to perfection, you're not just wearing jewelry; you're wearing a work of art that has been passed down through generations. 

    In conclusion, the world of fashion and glamour is ever-evolving, but one thing remains constant – the allure of silver jewelry. At Paksha, we're here to help you embrace this timeless trend, just like your favorite celebrities. Explore our collection and stay tuned for more fashion insights and tips by following Paksha Blogs. Your journey to style excellence begins with Paksha.