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    Sterling  silver necklaces come in various styles and designs. There are silver chokers,  silver pendants, and silver long and  short necklaces in the market that you can go for depending upon your need and budget allocated to jewellery shopping. Indian silver necklaces have different motifs and patterns according to the inspiration behind each design.  Indian choker necklaces come in a variety of designs. The most common motifs available are  temple,  tribal, floral, peacock, geometric, or  contemporary. 

    Fine silver necklaces can be studded with precious and semi-precious stones and beads or be enamelled as per their design. While shopping for Indian choker necklaces, keep in mind your dress's neckline and the budget you have allocated for shopping so that you don’t go overboard. When it comes to shopping for sterling  silver jewellery, remember that every piece of sterling silver jewellery is stamped with “925”, “92.5” or “.925”, indicating the purity of the silver. If your silver jewellery doesn’t have this mark, it is not sterling silver jewellery. Indian choker necklaces are the most beautiful types you can wear to any occasion. 

    Let’s have a look at the different sterling silver Indian necklaces available on the market: 


    Silver choker necklaces come in diverse designs. While some can have pearls as the predominant feature, some have gold-plated 925 silver as the mainstay. Per the design requirement, they are also embellished with moissanite, kempu, quartz beads, etc.. Necklaces, such as the silver choker , are perfect for layering and stacking with different sizes and designs of necklaces. Add a sterling silver choker necklace from Paksha to your jewellery cabinet, and sparkle everywhere you go! Choker sets, like the  Pearl Tassle Moissanite Silver Choker Set are perfect for adding to a bridal trousseau.  Add choker sets to your bridal jewellery closet today! Silver choker necklaces are best way to accentuate your collarbone. 

    Hasli necklaces are a part of choker necklaces, with the only difference being the solid framework of the Hasli necklace, which restricts its movement. In contrast, a choker necklace is made up of flexible strands. The  Palash Contemporary Hasli Silver Necklace is a gracious example of a Hasli necklace, while the magnificent  Pearl Tassle Moissanite Silver Choker Set is outstanding in its charm and beauty. Choker sets can be an outlet to express your creativity through jewelry. 

    Simple sterling silver choker necklaces are also available when you have to deck up for parties or special occasions such as traditional Indian events, weddings, and other events. The  Tushita Pearl Silver Choker has an understated elegance that brings out the grace of your outfit. 

    Sterling silver choker necklaces like  Varija Jadau Amethyst Silver Choker can be worn with longer silver necklaces, to add to your appearance and keep it refined and fluid. 

    New brides require a lot of jewelry for ceremonies. Gold jewellery can’t always be worn; carrying gold is worrisome and expensive. In such cases, sterling silver jewellery, including choker necklaces, are the perfect solution since they can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of gold jewellery while maintaining their beauty and elegance.