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    Indian silver long necklace designs are greatly favored by Indian women on special occasions and wedding celebrations. Long necklaces are considered an integral part of the bridal trousseau. While royal Kundan Jadau long necklaces are a bridal favorite, many South Indian brides love wearing temple designs also on their wedding day due to their spiritual connotations.

    Long silver necklaces are easy to pair withchokers orshort necklaces for a layered look. Long statement necklaces are generally worn as a solo piece or combined with minimal earrings so that the necklace is the focus of the entire ensemble.

    While shopping for long silver necklaces, ensure that the necklace adds to your sartorial elegance instead of overpowering it. For this, choosing your outfit before buying the necklace or buying timeless necklace designs that can be worn comfortably with different outfits is vital.

    Ethnic  silver long necklaces are worn chiefly at special events, weddings, and festivals. As such, long necklaces can be made in Jadau style with Polki or Kundan stones, such as the Tara Jadau Silver Long Necklace  for an understated royal look, or you can go with the all-time favorite antique temple long necklaces like the mesmerizing Kanhaiya Nakshi Silver Long Necklace.  Long necklaces can also have rustic tribal motifs that can be paired easily with sarees or kurtis.  Indian necklaces look best when styled in a layered manner, so style these with a short necklace and choker, to create a complete look. When wearing a long chain necklace to an outing or essential occasion, check if the necklace's style matches the event and the outfit you plan to wear. Long pendant necklaces can also make your neck look incredibly bare if worn alone and without embellishments. Always pair your long pendant necklaces with a similar style of  earrings, choker necklaces, or other  silver jewellery. If you want to style a silver long necklace for a wedding without having the idea on how to layer it, our Janaki Moissanite Silver Grand Necklace Set might be the option for you. Our four layered grand silver necklace features vintage Victorian plating, moissanite stones, emerald green gemstones and semi-precious beads. The Ram parivar in the center of the long pendant necklace is crafted by our skilled artisans with utmost care and precision.



    Temple designs are characterized by motifs of gods and goddesses, coins, mango leaf designs, peacocks, elephants, and other themes. They are usually adorned with precious and semi-precious stones to enhance their appearance. The Kanhaiya Nakshi Silver Long Necklace is a glorioustemple jewelry and can be worn as a solo necklace. This ageless necklace beauty has designs on Lord Krishna surrounded by his consorts and peacocks on either side. This intricate piece of heirloom jewelry is embellished with moissanite stones and coloured beads, which makes this necklace a breathtaking work of art.

    While temple necklaces are known for their elaborate designs, you can find understated pieces, also. The Subha Lakshmi Antique Coin Nakshi Silver Long Necklace is an elegant form of temple necklace for those who love wearing subtle jewelry. The necklace is adorned with rows of Goddess Lakshmi coins and intermittently embellished with pink and green Kempu stones. The overall antique gold finish adds to the charm of the necklace.


    Ranihaars are known for their grandeur and elegance and are widely covered by brides-to-be.Gold-plated silver rani haars come in many designs. They are usually encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones and pearls to enhance their look. The Anjasi Polki Silver Ranihaar Necklace is a magnificent necklace inspired by vintage jewelry. The necklace is made from strands of freshwater pearls, while the central pendant has swirling floral motifs and is studded with Polki stones and clusters of tiny pearls.


    Layered long necklaces can have two or more layers. Layered long silver necklaces, with their magnificence and grace, are showstoppers at any event. They are most suitable for traditional celebrations and look stunning when paired with sarees or lehengas. The Vihara Jadau Multi Layered Silver Necklace is an ode to the timelessness of pearls. The entire necklace is woven with clusters of rice pearls and Jadau charms set along each layer. A central pendant is on each layer, tying the entire design together. The enchanting central pendants are embellished with Jadau stones and semi-precious pink beads that add a flirty note to the ensemble.


    As with temple long necklaces,tribal long silver necklaces are inspired by the rich Indian tribal culture, tribal long silver necklaces are made of 925 oxidized silver to give them a rustic appeal and can be embellished with semi-precious stones and beads to enhance their appearance. The Yadita Tribal Silver Long Necklace, with its rows of spears interspersed with lotus flowers and turquoise stones, is an exemplary piece of a tribal long necklace. The intricate pendant with dangling metal beads is a testament to our tribal artistry. Tribal long necklaces can be easily worn with different outfits.

    As with all fine jewelry, you need to take special care of long silver necklaces to prolong their shelf-life. Keeping them away from the sun, dust, chemicals, water, etc., will help maintain their dazzling appearance by avoiding tarnishing or scratching.

    Here are some commonly asked questions aboutlong necklaces 

    How long are necklaces usually?  

    Necklaces are available, in lengths ranging from chokers to longer statement pieces that cascade down the chest. The length of necklaces typically varies based on their style and design. Shorter necklaces like chokers or collar necklaces usually measure around 14 to 16 inches fitting snugly around the base of the neck. Princess length necklaces, one of the choicesgenerally range between 18 to 20 inches sitting just below the collarbone. Matinee length necklaces fall between 20 to 24 inches reaching the top of the bust while opera length necklaces can be long as 28 to 36 inches extending below the bust line. 

    How to wear long necklaces?  

    Long necklaces can serve as versatile accessories that add an elegant touch to any outfitYou can layerlong chain necklaces with shorter ones for a trendy stacked effect. You can wear a long necklace as a standalone statement piece by pairing it with a simple outfit to let it takecenter stageAnother stylishoption is wrapping a sleek and long beaded necklace around your neck to create a layered or knotted appearance. 

    Are long necklaces in style? 

    Long necklaces aredefinitely in style.They've been a fashionfavorite for quite some time now. Long necklaces can easily elevate your casual or formal ensemble making them a key accessory in anyjewelry collection. Whether you fancy timeless pearls, statement pendants or dainty chainsthere's along necklace style to match every preference and event. So go ahead and add along necklace to your wardrobe, for an instant style boost.