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    You know the significance of engagement rings in a Christian wedding. The sanctity of the wedding bands defines the love between the couple. Mangal sutras hold a similar significance in a Hindu wedding. The word mangal sutra comprises two words: mangal, which means 'auspicious' and sutra, meaning 'a sacred thread'. In earlier times, Mangal sutra was usually a yellow thread with a few black beads, which evolved into gold andsilver mangal sutra or black beadsilver jewelry. The modern adaptions of this black bead jewelry areMangal sutra bracelets, black bead hoops and stud earrings. 

    Paksha offers a wide range of contemporarypure silver mangal sutras in unique concepts and designs. Besides the classicMangal sutra chain necklaces, we offer distinctive designs inMangal sutra bracelets, rings and earrings in high-quality925 silver. Here is a glance at our most lovedsilver mangal sutra collection.


    From elaborate necklaces to sleek mangal sutra designs, oursilvermangal sutra necklaceshave somethingfor everyone.If you want a statement mangal sutra, you can opt for the stunningBrillianceCarvedMoissaniteSilver Mangal sutranecklace. We suggest theV-shaped elegant Charm CZSilver Mangal sutra if you prefer a sleek design.Each Mangal sutra necklace is a work of art, featuring intricate patterns and delicatecraftsmanship that capture the essence of the sacred bond itrepresents.


    OurMangal sutra ringsblend thetraditional IndianMangalsutras with the elegance and romance associated with Western engagement rings.The rings incorporate the quintessential black beads, symbolizingmarital bliss and protection while featuring sparkling gemstones and contemporary designs commonly associated with engagement rings. Our top pick is theElegant CZ Silver Black BeadBand Ring,whichpays homage to MangalSutras's rich heritage and adds a touch of modern sophistication.


    Ourmangal sutra earrings collection perfectly blends traditional elegance with a modern design and outlook.If you wantto style your blackbeadjewelryuniquely, you must consider addingblackbead hoops to your collection.Black bead hoopslike theForever CZSilverMangalsutra Hoop Earrings can be styled individually for a minimal everyday look. You can pair it with yourfavorite silvermangal sutra chain with your traditional attire for a complete look.


    If you prefer your token of love wrapped around your wrist, you must explore our mangal sutra bracelet collection. The silver mangal sutra bracelet designs are also loved by women who like to wear it as an evil-eye charm on their wrists. Moreover, the sleek design adds to your functionality, making it a perfect accessory for office-going women. Our top pick is the Radiant Bar Shape CZ Charm Silver Mangal sutra Bracelet, which can be styled with both formal office wear and traditional Indian outfits. 

    At Paksha, we ensure that our silver jewelry is built with high-quality craftsmanship, and we use only authentic 925 silver to provide you with the best jewelry pieces. Our promise of quality that stands the test of time is a commitment to excellence and superior craftsmanship. We rely on using the finest materials that retain their charm for generations. 

    We consider customer feedback a valuable compass that guides us to maintain a standard of excellence. The genuine positive responses inspire and encourage us to create high-quality jewelry designs and strive for customer satisfaction. 

    “I recently purchased the Ruby moissanite silver mangal sutra necklace set from Paksha. The unique Ruby and Moissanite blend in a black bead mangal sutra chain made it stand out. It also complimented my bridal dress. I also love the quality and the fact that it is authentic, pure silver jewelry. I'm delighted with my purchase." – Tanya, California

    “My second purchase from Paksha is the Dazzle CZ silver mangal sutra drop earrings. The exclusive design and the quality of these earrings acknowledged my decision to shop again at Paksha. I love how these mangal sutra earrings can be styled with my traditional and Western outfits. The buying process was extremely smooth. The customer support handled my queries well, and the package delivery was on time. Thank you, team Paksha,” –  Suzanne, Washington