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    Shop Silver Contemporary Jewelry Collection Nipuna by Paksha

    Paksha’s contemporary jewelry has its latest marvels in the Nipuna collection. The entire collection reflects the creativity of our jewelry designers, who took inspiration from the serene beauties of natural landscapes, vibrant and unique patterns of precious gemstones and the celestial mysteries of astrological signs.

    One of the most striking features of the Nipuna Collection is its Sandscape-style jewelry. The silver jewelry designs are inspired by the subtle yet mesmerizing patterns found in sand dunes. You will find that the sandscape jewelry mimics the delicate curves and ripples formed by the wind. In addition to Sandscape jewelry, the Nipuna Collection showcases stunning designs incorporating Malachite stones. Malachite is a gemstone that symbolizes transformation and protection. It is known for its rich green hues and mesmerizing patterns. Paksha's master artisans have expertly incorporated these semi-precious stones into their jewelry designs, which range from statement rings adorned with oversized Malachite cabochons to delicate necklaces featuring Malachite accents. Every malachite jewelry piece highlights the stone's distinctive beauty while complementing your unique style.

    Another highlight of the Nipuna Collection is the Moroccan style jewelry, drawing inspiration from Moroccan tile art and its geometric patterns. The Moroccan-style jewelry reminds us of the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, and the vibrant aqua stones add a touch of exotic charm to the collection. The vivid blue hues of the stones are perfectly complemented by our skilled artisan’s craftsmanship, resulting in designs that are as captivating as they are elegant.

    The collection also features a stunning range of zodiac-inspired jewelry styles. This addition further enriches the collection by tapping into humans eternal fascination with astrology and the celestial bodies. Each piece in the zodiac-inspired range is crafted to reflect the unique symbolism associated with the twelve zodiac signs. The collection offers something for every astrology enthusiast. If you identify strongly with your zodiac sign, these everyday jewelry pieces can also serve as talismans that enable you to express your individuality and connection to the cosmos. We are showcasing below a glimpse of the mesmerizing silver jewelry styles of our Nipuna collection.


    The drop earrings from the Nipuna collection are the perfect choice for the modern woman who seeks to elevate her everyday wear with sophisticated contemporary jewelry. The antique gold, yellow gold and dual-tone finish of these earrings can complement your wide range of outfits, thus making them ideal to be a part of your everyday jewelry. The lightweight and comfortable design of the drop earrings makes them perfect for daily wear. Unlike bulky earrings, these beauties ensure you go about your daily routine with ease and confidence.


    Our short necklaces from the collection have various silver jewelry pieces that offer a wide range of designs perfect for styling during holiday travels. You can style the exuberant malachite necklaces while exploring a vibrant city, wear the Moroccan blue necklaces while lounging on a tropical beach or enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars wearing the charming zodiac necklaces. Our short necklaces are versatile enough to be styled for any holiday adventure.


    Our layered necklaces offer a convenient and stylish solution for modern women looking to save time while achieving a sophisticated look. These pre-styled stacks of stunning necklaces are designed to elevate your outfit. These 925 silver jewelry pieces are the perfect accessory for those always on the go. You can wear the necklaces individually or mix and match them with other pieces from the collection to create your personalized look.


    Our bracelet cuffs mainly feature zodiac-inspired pieces that empower you to embrace your unique identity and style. These bracelets feature intricate engravings of zodiac symbols along with corresponding birthstones or motifs that capture the essence of each sign. You can style these bracelets as per your sun or moon sign.

    Our Nipuna Collection features exquisite 925 silver jewelry that embodies the beauty of nature in all its forms. Every contemporary jewelry piece is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that showcases Paksha's dedication to creating silver jewelry that is visually stunning and imbued with meaning and significance. What sets the Nipuna Collection apart is its use of high-quality materials and its innovative approach to design. Our team of designers have pushed the boundaries of traditional jewelry-making techniques, experimenting with unconventional shapes and textures to create unique silver jewelry pieces.