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    Shop 925 Sterling Silver Pendants Online 

    Pendants are very versatile in their nature, as one can wear a minimalist pendant for an understated look or go for a more complex design when one wants to dress to the nines! While wearing a fashion necklace pendant might leave you worried about your appearance, and gold necklace pendants are eminently expensive, a sterling silver pendant that is gold-plated and decorated in different designs that will leave you stunned; 925 silver pendants are the best option when you show off your grace at an event, wedding, or party. 

    Each sterling silver pendant is plated with 18K gold while semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls add to their glamor. Different types of pendants like charms, heart-shaped, infinity symbols, alphabets, floral, temple, etc., are used to define each pendant necklace so increase their appeal while making them unique. 

    Paksha’s Top 5 Bestselling 925 Silver Pendants 

    1. Elegant Charm CZ Silver Mangalsutra – This mangalsutra (as called in India) has a lovely floral charm design as the pendant encrusted with best quality Cubic Zirconia stones. This pendant mangalsutra is perfect for one who loves understated jewelry. It is made from Hallmarked sterling silver and can be worn every day to match your outfit and look fresh every day.
    2. Anya CZ Silver Pendant Necklace – Welcome to the elegantly handcrafted Anya CZ Silver Pendant Necklace. The design is inspired from delicate floral motifs with a single drop of Cubic Zirconia stones. The intermediate green motifs add a freshness to the pendant.
    3. Milani Pearl Silver Necklace – Milani Pearl Silver Necklace is a timeless jewelry piece for all who love layering up their jewelry. The dainty pendant necklace is two-layered with 18K gold-plated silver discs and pearls alternating and creating a symbiotic appeal between the two layers. The beauty of this pendant necklace is that it can be layered easily with silver chokers or long necklaces. The pendant necklace is perfect for casual outings or formal occasions both. 
    4. Pendants based on Rasi – The  Rasi collection is made up of jewelry showcasing the individual 12 Rasis in an elegant charm connection. We have bracelets and earrings based on the 12 zodiac signs, but the pendant necklaces are the real feather in the cap. Made in the charm motif in the shape of coins carrying respective animals and the stone belonging to the pertinent zodiac signs, the Rasi collection truly is a magnificent sterling silver jewelry collection by Paksha. 
    5. Padmini Pendant Kempu Silver Necklace – The double crescent moon or chaand motif has been very popular In India since ancient times. The Padmini Pendant Kempu Silver Necklace is an ode to India’s rich jewelry and gemstones legacy. The pendant necklace is encrusted with semi-precious Kempu stones with pearl beads attached to pendant adding to its whimsy. The pendant can be worn to your next party, soiree, or casual outings with friends. 


    To increase the longevity of the sterling silver pendant necklaces, ensure to clean it with cotton. Keep it away from perfumes, moisture, and other chemicals to avoid tarnishing or blackening of silver. Remember that the more you care for your jewelry correctly, the longer they’ll last.