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    Paksha's Vihara Collection On Spotlight

    Paksha has curated itsVihara Collection by utilizing 925 sterling silver as the foundation for each piece. The authentic Jadau jewelry is studded with semi-precious gemstones likemoissanite stones, renowned for their brilliance and fire,kempu stones that imbibe vibrant crimson hues and the sparkling cubic zirconia that contributes to a regal touch. Each jewelry piece in the collection is a testament to Paksha's devotion to excellence. Our artisans and designers ensure that every detail is thoughtfully considered, resulting in a collection that captures attention and emanates a radiant and irresistible charm. 

    TheJadau jewelry designs from theVihara Collection are viewed as trousseau must-haves and heirloom-worthy investments for your personal collection. The regal charm and cultural significance woven into every piece make the Vihara collection an indispensable choice for those who seek to make a statement at grand occasions or celebrations. You can browse the collection featuringJadau jewelry inKempu stones,cubic zirconia stones,Moissanite stones, Polki andKundan jewelry.


    OurKempu stonejewelry is embellished with delicate floral motifs and peacock charms,which capture the essence of nature's grace. It features a range of necklace sets likeGuttapusalu haram or bangle sets with fine detailing that can styled for your cultural and traditional ceremonies. We suggest you incorporateKempu stonejadaujewelry into your bridal wardrobe.


    Ourmoissanite stone jadaujewelryis aregal rendezvous with elegance and luxury. Thejewelry features stunning moissanite bangles and statement drop earrings, which can be styled for majestic occasions. Yourselection ofmoissanite stones in your trousseau will be aesthetically pleasing. It will be appreciated forethical, economic, and environmental factors that contribute to their growing preference in the realm of finejewelry.


    The attractive cubic zirconia stones are another affordable yet sparkling consideration forJadaujewelry.The stoneseffortlessly mimic the dazzling appearance of precious gemstones and offer a cost-effectivealternative to Jadaucraftsmanship,making itaccessible to a wider audience.Thejewelry features floral pendant sets and stud earrings, which can perfectly complement your everyday style. These versatile pieces can alsoadd a touch of elegance to your formal officeparties.


    Our Jadau Kundanjewelry has uncutpolki stones on a silver foil, giving them a brilliant shine when they reflect light. Our handcraftedpolkijewelryrequires a significant amount of skill and dedication. Each piece takes days or even months to be completed, depending on the intricacy of the design.Being one of the oldest forms of traditionaljewelry, owningpolkijewelry is considered a valuable addition to yourjewelry box. You can choose from antique Kundanjewelry ranging from intricate necklace sets to floralChandbalis for your grand occasion and celebrations.

    Paksha'sVihara Collectionemerges as an absolute must-have in the world of traditionaljadaujewelry. Thejewelry comprises Kundan, moissanite andkempu stones,which perfectly blend Tradition and contemporary aesthetics. Moreover,the durability of silver ensures that these treasures withstand the test of time. Therefore, theyserve as a tangible link between past, present, and future, which makes the Jadau silverjewelry an ideal choice to be passed down as a piece of cultural richness and family history through the generations.