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  • 6 Traditional Necklace Designs to Own This Season

    September 14, 2022 3 min read

    6 Traditional Necklace Designs to Own This Season
    Jewelry is an integral part of celebrations in the traditional Indian culture. No festival is ever complete without the presence of radiant, admirable accessories that define your outfits and elevate your look.


    Here are 6 traditional silver necklaces designed specifically for you to wear, this festive season.

    1. Maugdha Enamel Jadau Silver Pendant Necklace

    Maugdha is a simple and  elegant silver necklace. Plated with a coat of gold and presented with motifs, the necklace features deep red vermillion motifs with gold detailing. The enamel surface is surrounded by Polki stones embedded in the drop-shaped motif. The necklace is finished with a set of playful pearl clusters that run along the edge of the design, enhancing its charm and appeal.


    Pair this timeless beauty with your sarees or traditional salwar to embody the sheer essence of feminine strength and grace.  


    2. Rasika Moissanite Dreamy Silver Necklace

    Rasika is a dreamy display of polki stones and pearls in eternal harmony. The simple sequence of floral motifs with an extension that resembles the floral stem, makes for a grand, elegant piece of jewelry. The interplay of white and gold is splendid to witness. The piece is accentuated with a line of pearls surrounding each floral element on the piece. Pair this classic with bold-coloured sarees, churidars and salwars to look stunning. It can also make a  perfect gift if you are looking to gift them an experience that is timeless.


    3. Paarthi Antique Temple Silver Long Necklace

    Yet another Nakshi wonder, Paarthi, is a celebration of Goddess Lakshmi. The necklace closely resembles a garland with intricately designed floral nuances presented with the help of a symmetric assembly of cubic zirconia stones. The old-world charm exuded because of the antique finish on this piece transports us to a whole another era.


    The piece comes with matching earrings that promise a grand, harmonious display of antique gold, cubic zirconia and gemstones.


    4. Vikriti Kempu Jadau Temple Silver Necklace

    Vikriti sets us up for a sensory explosion with colors and the regal display of masterfully arranged Kempu stones. Elaborate Kempu stonework is paired with brilliantly craved Nakshi elements and to top it all off, clusters of pearls. Nothing brings us more joy than having to don such a culturally rich, artisanal mastery from the extensive  Paksha collection.



    5. Lohita Antique Nakshi Silver Necklace

    Versatile and timeless classics are to die for. Lohita is an antique that features the resplendent Nakshi element, Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi sits elegantly in the centre while the artisans build a world around it filled with elements from nature. The intricately carved Nakshi elements are surrounded by Kempu embellishments that brighten the whole design. The central figure is held in place by carved beads that are encrusted with stones in an intimate Kempu setting.

    Layer it with a Nakshi choker or a piece with an antique gold finish for the  perfect traditional look.


    6. Pankhuri Jadau Silver Necklace

    Pankhuri carries the grace and poise of a regal queen with this novelty. Chaand motifs fall elegantly from floral motifs that are embedded with Polki stones. Each crescent leads to clusters of pearls and finally a single green bead that is seen hanging with the rest of the beads. The highlight of the piece is the use of different shades of green to bring out the  best in this necklace.

    Find the perfect companion for all your festivities with breathtaking beauties from the depths of Paksha’s atelier. Brace yourselves to embark on a journey characterised by elaborate craftsmanship and skillfully designed pieces.