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  • Tips to Style the Perfect Look This Wedding Season with Stunning Silver Jewelry

    May 24, 2022 3 min read

    Tips to Style the Perfect Look This Wedding Season with Stunning Silver Jewelry
    No amount of preparation can save you from the anxiety of weddings. Whether you are the bride’s friend, sister, mother or the bride herself, the pressure to put together a perfect wedding and the perfect wedding look can be daunting. To ease you from the pressure of having to pull off a perfect wedding look, we’ve put together a list of a few of Paksha’s handcrafted silver jewelry ornaments that can be styled effortlessly with all your wedding outfits to help you pull off the perfect look, this wedding season.

    1. Long Necklaces

    Silver long necklaces are designed to be styled independently or with other short or choker necklaces. You could go for an elegant Kempu stone long necklace with elaborate pearl embellishments or you could pick a Nakshi Silver necklace.

    The Utkalika Kempu Jadau Silver Necklace is inspired by the traditional Guttapusalu design popular in the Southern part of India. Floral motifs, authentic kempu stones and the beauty of pearls turn this necklace into perfection.

    An integral part of  Temple jewelry is the Nakshi technique. Moissanite stones, pearls and the elements of Nakshi make up this grand necklace.

    Both these inspired styles can be paired with silk sarees with heavy golden borders. The zari or the borders bring out the vibrant colors of the Kemp and the Nakshi designs. You can go for either of these designs for an elegant and regal wedding look.

    2. Short Necklaces/Chokers

    The long necklaces can be worn alone or can be paired with shorter necklaces. Chokers have been in trend for a while, its adaptation into traditional Indian jewelry is a magnificent sight to behold.

    It is important to style grand long necklaces with simpler, elegant necklaces.

    This Hasli Modern Silver Necklace can be paired with a simple kempu necklace. This Hasli design exudes radiance and grandeur like nothing else. The design is inspired by elements in nature like birds and flowers. Similarly, the Ardra Gold plated Jadau silver necklace can be paired with a slightly grander long necklace. The simplicity of this design is rooted in its Jadau set stones.

    3. Earrings

    When it comes to earrings, you have varied options in the form of different styles, techniques and designs. You can pair heavy ornate Jhumkas, Chaandbalis or any other statement jewelry. You can also opt for pearl maatis to go with your earrings.

    The Striva Kempu Pearl Silver Earrings are unique and graceful. Chaand is central to this design and is decked with clusters of pearls as well as embedded with semi-precious kempu stones. The contemporary element that balances out the traditional chaand motif has to be the vertical lines of pearls arranged beautifully connecting the traditional floral and chaand motifs in this design.

    Yutika Jadau Silver Jhumki Earrings are a visual sight due to their symmetrical assembly of Kempu and Jadau stones embedded in the beautiful floral design. The first layer of drops are pearls, the second layer contains emerald beads and the final layer is again a beautiful cluster of pearls.

    These intricately designed earrings are perfect for a grand wedding look. 

    4. Maang tikka

    An elaborately crafted maang tikka with authentic semi-precious stones adorns the parting of the hair as well as the forehead. Mehtab Kempu Jadau Silver Maang tikka elevates your entire look with its mere presence in your final outfit. Embellished with freshwater rice pearls and asymmetrical quartz stone, this exquisite maang tikka is a bridal trousseau essential in the wedding season.

    5. Bangles

    A statement look that beholds the attention of the onlookers is this Aalia Silver bangles which feature semi-precious Polki stones outlined with pearls arranged to elevate the look of the gold plated bangles. We also see deep green stones embedded in the bangle that stand out. This bangle can be styled with lehengas and bridal sarees alike to other Jadau jewelry.

    The Duhita Jadau Silver Bangle is also a breathtakingly beautiful bangle designed to make an excellent addition to your bridal trousseau. One can find themselves in complete awe of the interplay of Kempu stones and freshwater pearl clusters that beautify the design.

    There is something for everyone at Paksha. From bangles to necklaces one can find themselves appreciating the beauty of Paksha craftsmanship and artisanal mastery that is sure to light up the wedding season with its radiance.