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  • 6 Traditional Statement Earrings to go with your Saree Collection

    April 08, 2022 3 min read

    6 Traditional Statement Earrings to go with your Saree Collection
    In the world of fashion, sarees are the epitome of grace and poise. Ranking above all other Indian outfits in elegance, sarees are timeless and deserve to be teamed with jewelry that complement their rich cultural significance in Indian history. Sarees have carved a place for themselves in today’s fashion world because of their versatility. From silk sarees to organza, we’ve come a long way in adapting this traditional attire to contemporary fashion trends. The jewellery space has also been evolving simultaneously to keep up with the evolution of sarees, fabrics and styles.

    Here are 6 Traditional Statement Earrings to go with your exquisite saree collection -

    1. Satkriti Silver Chaand Bali Earrings

    Designed to perfection by talented artisans, this enthralling pair of earrings are made for your jewelry collection. The moon-shaped earrings with pearl clusters outlining the shape of the piece are a true testament to beauty and elegance in the era of modern, fast fashion trends. The piece is put together with Polki and red Kempu stones. Each of the crescent-shaped figures are lined with tiny pearl embellishments. The piece is finished with green bead drops hanging off the base of the moon.

    2. Neysa Kempu Jadau Silver Earrings

    Neysa Kempu Silver Earring is yet another piece of statement jewelry dominated by pearls and the iconic design of a chaand. This piece is encrusted with Kempu and coral gemstones in the famous Jadau style. The design is a riot of blue, green, pink, red and white colours. Each element of this particular design is put together with intent and sheer dedication to the craft.

    3. Nipuna Jadau Silver Chaand bali Earrings

    Rich in red coloured semi-precious stones and emeralds, this traditional piece of earring is designed to accompany you to every special occasion. This statement design is inspired by cultural infusion that is manifested with fine polki and kempu stones arranged beautifully in this fine piece. The clusters of pearl take the center stage with their usual charm and grace.

    4. Ashuti Jadau Silver Earrings

    There is no heart that doesn’t fall in love with these beautiful Chaand Bali earrings encrusted with semi-precious Polki set stones and iconic freshwater pearls. Crafted in pure 925 silver, these traditional earrings are designed to be your perfect confidant for any special occasion. Decked with Polki set stones and floral motifs, this is an exquisite statement silver earring that can be effortlessly paired with cotton, organza or chanderi silk sarees.

    5. Sadya Gold plated Sterling Silver Earrings

    Sadya is a fine statement piece designed with semi-precious stones and uniquely placed gold-filled strings. Each string has 3 sets of buds, dainty and delicate. This highly versatile new design can be experimented with any different types of traditional sarees or fabrics to bring out the best in the piece.

    6. Striva Kempu Pearl Silver Earrings

    Pearls are an enigma on their own. Every piece of jewelry embellished with pearls is a breathtaking sight. This unique design has a floral motif on top, sequential pearls, and a beautiful crescent moon design outlined by a cluster of pearls at the bottom. Each part of this design is crafted to hold the whole piece together. The green and red kempu stones, pearls and Polki stones create a symphony of colours and patterns that are a must-have if you are looking to outshine everyone at the next wedding you attend.

    Each stunning piece of jewelry is crafted with utmost care and precision. The pieces are highly versatile, allowing you to experiment wearing them with different saree fabrics and styles. These statement earrings are sure to elevate the look of your sarees on any special occasion with their fine workmanship and brilliance.