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  • A Vow to Wow – 5 Silver Engagement Bands for Keepsake

    March 25, 2022 2 min read

    A Vow to Wow – 5 Silver Engagement Bands for Keepsake
    A ring is a symbol of love and togetherness. It stands for a promise to stay together in love for eternity. This celebration of love calls for a ring that is as timeless as the promise, and continues to stay charming through the journey of togetherness. Silver rings are strikingly beautiful and make for a wonderful engagement ring. Sterling silver is the perfect material to craft engagement rings with, thanks to its durability.

    Here are 5 silver engagement bands design ideas that will make wonderful keepsakes.

    1. Gemstones

    An engagement ring with a coloured gemstone is truly a visual treat. You can experiment with semi-precious stones or just pick the one you love. The silver ring with a semi-precious stone and intricate detailing speaks of eternal love. You can pick emeralds, rubies, sapphires or diamonds to go with the engagement ring for your loved one.

    2. Setting

    Picking a setting for your loved ones' ring can be daunting. The number of designs you can pick from are vast. You could choose a solitaire setting, side stone ring setting or halo setting. All these designs sport the stones and details of the ring. You could also avoid the hassle of choosing by opting to wear bands that are plain and without a stone setting. There aren’t rules when it comes to picking out an engagement ring for your loved one.

    3. Engravings

    With evolving trends, couples are moving towards personalized rings that speak to the personalities of the couples. The rings can be simple and engraved with initials or the partner's name to add that personal touch to them. If you are someone who loves experimenting with trending ideas, then this is the design for you.

    These personalised rings are sure to make a statement on your big day.

    4. Open Rings

    An open ring speaks to the journey the couple is looking to embark on. It represents the future and what might be in store for the couple. The idea behind this ring is new and fresh. It signifies possibilities and opportunities that might come the couples' way during the course of their relationship.

    5. Handcrafted

    Personalizing your ring for the love of your life to reflect your love, your journey so far and your personality might just be the right way to propose to your loved one. Pick out the right stones, choose a design and put them together to create an exclusive design just for your lady love. This could prove to be hassle-free as you will no longer worry about liking the design on one ring and stones on the other one.  A customized ring displays the magnitude of effort and love you have for your loved one.

    When it comes to engagement rings, we have come a long way. Couples these days are open to experimenting with materials, designs, trends and innovative ideas. They go out of their way and think out of the box to mark this special occasion with something new and personalized. We have evolved from our traditional ways and grown to adopt newer, fresher ideas when it comes to promising love and commitment.