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  • 6 Trendy Delicate Silver Necklace Designs for the Fashionista in you!

    April 22, 2022 3 min read

    6 Trendy Delicate Silver Necklace Designs for the Fashionista in you!
    Discovering a trend can be exciting. Be it clothes or jewelry there’s always something new to unearth in the sphere of fashion. There are new trends emerging almost every day. While discovering a trend might be exciting, staying in trend might feel exhausting. We’ve put together a list of our most stylish silver necklace designs that are not only always in trend but are also perfect for the fashionista in you.

    1. Nakshatra Classic CZ Silver Necklace

    The Nakshatra design is crafted to resemble a bright, sparkling star. It is surrounded by gold that forms a square around the shining cubic zirconia stones. The chain is made with pure 925 silver jewelry and polished with gold. It is distinct in its design and delicate in its craftsmanship. This classic silver necklace can be paired with Indian and Western casuals, office wear or Indo-western wear without breaking a sweat.

    2. Nipuna CZ Two layers Silver Necklace

    This layered necklace features high-grade cubic zircons put together on a pure 925 silver chain with a white rhodium finish. Each layer consists of a small yet distinct pendant. The first layer consists of a pendant that features a single zircon stone surrounded by silver and the second layer consists of a pendant that is vertical and decked with tiny cubic zircons. Each of these pendants is held together by a chain finished with a rhodium plating.

    If you’re looking to gift something stylish and glamorous to your friend, co-worker or sister this piece has to be on top of your list.

    3. Estrella CZ Silver Pendant

    Estrella CZ silver chain is an elegantly graceful design with a floral pendant encrusted with high-grade cubic zircons. The chain that holds the pendant in place is crafted with silver and plated with rose gold polish for a stunning finish on the piece. A cute gold-plated twinkling star also makes an appearance alongside our pendant giving it a unique and edgy feel.

    This piece can be paired with jeans, casuals, ethnic or party wear without looking out of place. You can also jazz up your outfit by layering it with other necklaces for a change.

    4. Milani Pearl Silver Necklace

    A double-layered necklace displays discs made with silver and plated with gold on each of its layers. It is paired elegantly with pearls placed at random intervals for a quirky look. The round white freshwater pearls add a certain charismatic charm to the whole necklace that only pearls are capable of.

    5. Jazze Floral CZ Silver Pendant

    This particular silver necklace is designed to steal our hearts with a delicate design that features cubic zircons set in a unique fashion. The three central leaf-like motifs and the pair of circular stones add a vibrant charm while tying the aesthetics of your look together. You can finish the look with a CZ ring or another layer of silver pendant necklaces to look chic.

    6. Amelia CZ Silver Chain

    This gorgeous silver necklace is designed to steal hearts anywhere you go. The pendant is a square frame whose outline contains high-grade cubic zircons that shine brighter than ever to elevate your look. This necklace is an everyday luxury that can be paired with office wear, casuals and ethnic wear alike.

    Delicate silver necklaces have been in trend for quite some time but the pieces crafted by the artisans at Paksha are unique and distinct and available online. They are fresh designs that will make dressing up for any occasion exciting. Each necklace is inspired by the trends without forgoing the individuality of its artisanal brilliance and uniqueness.