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  • 8 Gold Plated Silver Neckpieces That Are Too Good to Miss!

    April 26, 2022 3 min read

    8 Gold Plated Silver Neckpieces That Are Too Good to Miss!
    Gold plated silver jewellery is an absolute visual delight as well as an affordable luxury. It is crafted with fine silver, allowing its versatility to help mould it into great jewellery. Gold plated ornaments are a highly budget-friendly alternative to buying gold while still giving your piece a regal look with its fine gold finish. Gold-plated jewellery is ideal if you intend to wear them only on special occasions. It gives you the look and feel of gold without actually costing as much as pure gold.

    Gold-plated silver jewellery allows you to stay in touch with trends and new designs as you don’t need to be bothered by the huge price tag that comes with pure gold.

    Here are 8 gold-plated silver neckpieces that are just too good to miss.

    1. Anya CZ Silver Chain Necklace

    A vibrant display of elliptical green stones set in cradles that features high-grade cubic zircons is a sensational design. The central design is held together by a pure silver chain, finished with bright gold polish. The drops of cubic zircons add a certain distinct, elegant charm to his delicate piece of jewellery.

    2. Neelam Loka Silver Necklace

    This piece is a classic design that is crafted in the iconic filigree style. It features blue enamel stones that hang from this unique design. The antique yellow gold plating sets the entire piece apart. What works best for the design has to be the enamel encrusted stones set in diamond-shaped frames that are placed alternatively on the design.

    3. Leela Loka Silver Necklace

    Leela is a rich traditional design that creates a montage of beautiful vintage elements crafted with oxidized silver and finished with an antique yellow gold polish. The motifs resemble an unbloomed bud that features red Kempu stones encrusted on them. The combination of red and green Kempu stones makes this piece a perfect addition to your ensemble. It works even better if you’re able to pair this necklace with a long necklace or a pair of jhumkas for a royal look.

     4. Jvara Moissanite Silver Necklace

    Perfect imperfections define the core of this particular design that has been inspired by the asymmetrical night sky. The beauty of asymmetry is presented in the form of moissanite stones set in an asymmetrical frame. The design is unique and breathtaking. The piece is crafted with pure 925 silver and plated with gold to sit perfectly on your collarbone. The necklace can be pulled off independently or along with another Jadau style long necklace that can instantly elevate your outfit.

    5. Khoobra Art Deco Silver Necklace

    Art deco is inspired by shapes and geometric designs. Incorporating the beauty of nature in a piece of jewellerythat is inspired by Art Deco is nothing short of artistic brilliance. The infusion of nature’s intricacies almost poetically in this piece makes this delicate piece an edgy and gorgeous piece of necklace that can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe.

    6. Amira Pearl Silver Necklace

    Words can’t describe the effect the presence of pearls has on a piece of fine jewellery. The pearls are alternatively placed alongside 3D triangle motifs to create a stunning masterpiece. This contemporary neckpiece is a blend of elegance, beauty and the indescribable effect that pearls have on us. The piece is finished with a matte gold plating to make an attractive piece of jewellery.

    7. Anniki Delicate Moissanite Necklace

    This fine piece of jewellery is crafted for special occasions. Anniki’s design features encrusted moissanite stones that are accentuated by the border of exquisite pearls. Another layer displays green stones hanging off of a cluster of pearls strung alongside the moissanite stones.

    This fine Jadau necklace is plated with gold and made with pure 925 silver.

    8. Rohita Gold plated Pendant Necklace

    A tribute to the thriving marine life, this magical necklace features the iconic Matsya motif. Dominated by beautiful moissanite and kempu stones embedded in the Matsya motif, this fine pendant is held in place by a gold-plated silver chain. The Polki stone drops that surround the Matsya motif add to the allure and charm of the design and the wearer. This exquisite pendant, it's design and brilliant craftsmanship are not something you should miss out on.

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