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  • 7 Enchanting Silver Pendants for Special Occasions

    July 25, 2022 3 min read

    7 Enchanting Silver Pendants for Special Occasions
    Pendants are tiny, demure pieces of jewelry that are powerful enough to produce catalytic results when paired with any of your casual outfits or outfits for a special occasion. We’ve seen the evolution of pendants from amulets, lockets and talismans to charms and pendants with engravings. New designs are conceptualized almost every other day and we dont hesitate to welcome each of these new designs with open arms. The craftsmen at Paksha are on a mission to design delicate and enchanting pendants to go with your sarees, salwars, lehengas or casual and formal outfits alike for any occasion.

    Here are some of Paksha’s top picks of gorgeous silver pendants designed for special occasions.

    1. Zahra Jadau Silver Pendant Necklace

    Zahra is a bestselling pendant necklace inspired by fresh blooms. The vine of floral motif adorns that part of the necklace that falls right in the middle of your neck while the circular pendant that features a floral motif encrusted with semi-precious stones dangles from the chain. The pendant is embellished with clusters of pearls that are simply gorgeous.

    2. Padmini Pendant Kempu Silver Necklace

    This statement short necklace adds a contemporary touch to a traditional design decked with Kempu stones. The pendant is shaped like a crescent moon and encrusted with pink-coloured kempu stones and finished with aesthetically arranged pearls at its ends. The pendant hangs from a small, yet elegant floral motif connected by a stem, covered in gold polish.

    3. Svarupa Jadau Silver Pendant Necklace

    Svarupa Silver Pendant necklace embedded with Polki stones is an enigma. The pearls, floral motifs and the white semi-precious Polki stones come together to charm any crowd you step into. There is nothing you’d want to change about this particular piece because it is crafted to perfection.

    4. Jamuna Jadau Silver Pendant Necklace

    The Jamuna Jadau Silver Necklace features a floral motif studded with polki stones holding an intricately crafted pink enamel. The diamond shaped polki in Jadau style and the cluster of pearls bordering the polki stones epitomise traditional charm.

    5. Yuvni Jadau Pendant Necklace

    This stunning new design blends the best of two styles and presents a timeless piece that is more than a head-turner. Cluster of pearls anchor the design, holding the floral blossoms and the buds in place and making them look ethereal. This design is a seamless blend of contemporary and traditional design styles. The concoction of these iconic styles creates a stunning piece of silver jewelry.

    6. Matsya Long Silver Chain Pendant

    This unique rectangular pendant is adorned with matsya motifs each encrusted with beautiful pink-coloured kemou stones. Matsya motifs are often symbolic of good luck across different cultures. The gold finish, pearl clusters and the pink and green kempu stones creates a charming and graceful pendant that can be styled with other short necklaces with Kempu stones.

    7. Rohita Gold Plated Pendant Necklace

    The existence of life under water is depicted beautifully through another pendant design featuring the Matsya motif. Two fishes are designed to face each other’s while pure polki stones embellish this iconic matsya design. The polki stones dangle from the matsya motifs adding a distinct charm to this gorgeous design.

    These designs of these pure silver pendant necklaces at Paksha are a testament to the fine craftsmanship of the artisans and designers who craft these pieces. At Paksha, you can find pendants for any occasion be it special occasions like anniversary, parties, weddings, bridal showers and baby showers or casual outings and brunches. You are sure to find something to suit your rich and elegant taste.