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  • Define Your Style with 5 Silver Choker Necklaces

    July 30, 2022 2 min read

    Define Your Style with 5 Silver Choker Necklaces
    If there is one thing we know about Chokers for sure is that they are here to stay. Chokers have been adapted into traditional silver jewelry designs to create some of the most stunning, elegant and graceful pieces of necklaces for special occasions. Integrating traditional designs, semi-precious stones such as Kempu or Polki stones and techniques such as Nakshi into the contemporary choker design has truly defined how we style outfits for special occasions today.

    Artisans at Paksha have masterfully delivered some of the most iconic choker necklace designs that can elevate your outfits instantaneously.

    1. Tushita Pearl Silver Choker

    There are no words that perfectly encapsulate the poise of this elegant pearl choker. The choker is decked with fine pearls which are strung together in three rows and held together by a lotus motif at the centre of the necklace. The central pendant features a Jadau set floral motif. The presence of green beads in between the rows of pearls is designed to accentuate the colours in this piece. Pair it with cotton and silk sarees for a subtle, delicate and well-put-together look.

    2. Emerald Pearl Silver Choker

    No one has ever gone wrong with pearls and this particular choker only reaffirms this statement. The necklace features an emerald at the heart of the necklace with rows of pearls extending from the central stone. The idea to present rows of off-white pearls in harmony with a line of green coloured beads is evidence of pure artistic brilliance.

    3. Maitreyi Kempu Silver Bridal Choker

    There is nothing more ravishing than a grand, regal choker showing off the colours of Kempu stones. The deep green and pink coloured Kempu stones are vibrant and powerful. Maitryei is a grand display of floral nuances in a bridal choker necklace. The Mayur motifs also grace the design most elegantly. Pearls, Kempu stones, Mayur and floral motifs and the regal gold polish effortlessly add a royal charm to your wedding outfits.

    4. Parvati Moissanite CZ Silver Choker

    Parvati Silver Choker is unmistakably a bridesmaid’s favourite. The uncut diamonds, gold plating and pastel green colours come together to bring to you one of the most precious pieces of jewelry. The sparkle of CZ stones and the grace of moissanite stones are a sight to behold in this piece accented by the all-time favourite emerald beads.

    5. Parinaaz Moissanite Silver Choker Set

    Parinaaz is an opulent silver choker necklace handcrafted for your bridal trousseau. This elaborate piece of necklace is decked with graceful moissanite stones and an intricately crafted sequence of Mayurs. The mayurs are crafted using the age-old Nakshi technique. This necklace is perfect for the bride on her special day. The highlight of this piece, however, is the deep red coloured beads that border the Nakshi elements. The beads elevate the overall look and feel of this piece making it a definition of regalia.

    Traditional chokers have redefined the fashion space and widened our horizons. These fine chokers are designed and handcrafted by expert artisans to be an integral part of your outfits and looks. These chokers are a testament to how well the contemporary idea of Chokers has been adapted into the context of traditional jewellery designing.