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  • 7 Maang Tikkas to Rock 2022 Wedding Phase

    March 24, 2022 3 min read

    7 Maang Tikkas to Rock 2022 Wedding Phase
    Maang Tikkas are an ancient  hair accessory that has its roots in India’s vibrant culture. Continuing to add charm, this unique accessory is a wedding trousseau essential. They are capable of instantly elevating the beauty of any ensemble. Maang Tikkas have evolved from being royal trousseau exclusives to bridal wear and is now finally being included in the must-have list of every significant occasion attendee.

    In 2022, it is clear that no wedding attire is complete without the maang tikkas. Here are 7 maang tikka designs that you can totally rock this wedding season.

    1. Malaya Gold Plated Silver Maang tikka

    The Malaya maang tikka is made with embedded semi-precious stones and accentuated with floral motifs. Exquisite cluster of pearls deck the lower end of this maang tikka that sits right on your forehead. The string of the maang tikka has a sequence of pear-shaped motifs embedded with jadau set stones.

    This beautiful piece can be paired with outfits for sangeet, mehendi, and wedding ceremony.

    2. Mehtab Kempu Jadau Silver Maang tikka

    Inspired by the shape of a crescent moon, this beautiful piece is embedded with semi-precious kempu stones detailed with rice pearls. The iconic chaand design also features intricate floral motifs while the carved jade quartz stones enhance the beauty of this piece.

    This piece can be styled with other elaborate semi-precious or pearl earring collections or necklaces for the wedding.

    3. Vihara Chaandbali Silver Maang tikka

    Vihara Maang tikka displays a classic timeless design in its true essence. The iconic crescent shaped moon is designed to elevate the look of the design and the outfit. Polki stones set in jadau style and the clusters of pearls are a favorite this wedding season.

    4. Nala Jadau Silver Maang tikka

    This simple and delicate silver maang tikka finished with a gold polish is a design that highlights a lotus motif that is made with encrusted kempu stones. The central motif is surrounded by jadau set polki stone. The string that holds the maang tikka in place is decked with sequentially arranged pearls. The piece is not complete without the beauty of the carved quartz stones that hang off the floral frame.

    You can effortlessly pull off a wedding look with this piece.

    5. Kalina Gold Plated Silver Maang tikka

    The jadau set stones and circular frame are designed in such a way that the burst of the green stones that accompany the piece stand out. The subtle white pearls and jadau set stones successfully complement the color and vibrance of the green stones. The piece is made with pure 925 silver jewelry and plated with gold.

    6. Neeyati Silver Maang tikka

    This exquisite piece of jewlery is crafted in silver and finished with a plating of gold. The piece features gold-plated silver, floral patterns, pearls and semi-precious jade quartz creating a visual symphony.  The string that runs along your hairline is heavily decorated with pearls and jadau set stones in a sequence that accentuates the beauty of this piece. This piece is a must have for any of the ceremonies on your special day.

     7. Vihasta Jadau Silver Maang tikka

    The Vihasta fine silver maang tikka displays a half moon shaped frame that has semi-precious stones arranged along its edges. The inner cusp of the moon has a bud made with polki set stones emerging. The highlight of this piece is its chain that runs along the parting of your hair. The string is made with polki set stones and pearls arranged sequentially designed intricately. This elaborate design is perfect for your special day.

    The 2022 wedding season is going to be a delight. The newest designs, patterns and materials will not only wow onlookers but also elevate your wedding style as each carefully crafted design accentuates your hair to make you look more beautiful than ever.