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  • 7 Reasons to Start Buying Silver Jewelry

    January 07, 2022 2 min read

    7 Reasons to Start Buying Silver Jewelry
    The splendor & radiance of gold plated silver has made it timeless jewelry perfect for every occasion. Its grace, along with its malleability and durability have resulted in silver being the most desired metal to craft exquisite jewelry designs. Apart from its evident beauty, we present to you 7 more reasons why you should immediately start buying silver jewelry.  


    Silver is an affordable, reasonably priced precious metal that can be transformed into beautiful gold-plated silver ornaments for casual & traditional wear. Silver, just like gold, is a precious metal that is valuable and because it is valuable, it is considered a sound investment option. The value of silver doesn’t depreciate over time amidst a volatile socio-economic environment, giving its consumers maximum bang for their buck.  




    Silver jewelry goes with both casual and ethnic ensembles making it the most versatile jewelry option for all occasions. Its malleability renders it ideal for master craftsmen to unleash their creativity to craft everyday luxury sets as well as significant occasion wear. Silver 92.5 necklaces, sterling silver earrings, silver necklace setswith gold polish are all possibilities that silver presents. Its versatility allows it to be effortlessly paired with white gold and even platinum on rare occasions creating a trendy fusion of precious metals. 




    Silver is a precious metal that can be shaped into beautiful pieces of jewelry that are attractive, making it a desirable possession. Exquisite gold plated silver jewelry sets garner love from all generations of women. The desirability of silver transcends the boundaries of culture.  



    Hard asset

    Silver is a tangible asset that is priced at least 70 times lesser than gold, yet promises equal protection from the wrath of inflation. It is affordable to an average investor and the quantity of silver that can be purchased at a certain price is larger than other precious metals. It is affordable without compromising on the glam quotient.  




    Ideal Gift

    Looking for the perfect anniversary, wedding or birthday gift is never going to be a hassle with Silver. Sliver strikes a perfect balance between affordability & charm, making it the perfect gift for your near and dear ones.  





    Generations have come and gone but the allure of silver jewelry has remained timeless. Men and women across all age groups have embraced silver jewelry for its undying appeal.  



    Hypoallergenic properties

    Silver jewelry does not contain allergens that cause reactions when worn over an extended period of time. Unlike jewelry that contains copper or nickel particles, with silver, there is no fear of rashes or redness, making it a safe option for sensitive skin types.  



    The charm of silver jewelry makes a compelling case for all those looking for modern jewelry designs that are also an attractive investment. Its ease of care makes it suitable for everyday use and its modesty complements a diverse range of looks for every occasion. One can never go wrong with silver jewelry in their treasure chest.