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  • Give an Indian spin to your holiday dressing with these stylish Jhumkas!

    January 07, 2022 2 min read

    Give an Indian spin to your holiday dressing with these stylish Jhumkas!
    Indian Jhumkas with their distinct bell-shaped domes evoke a characteristic jingle with every turn of the head thanks to little beads suspended from its cupola. These jewelry earrings paired with traditional Jewelry sets, add just the right amount of glam to elegant festive outfits making them great companions for the holiday season. 

    This traditional yet trendy occasion wear comes in more variations than you can imagine. Out of all the different forms that these drop earrings can take, silver Jhumka earrings live up to the demands of the season by pairing perfectly with western and Indian outfits alike. Since the silver online Jewelry market can get quite overwhelming, we’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful Jhumka designs that you can sport this holiday season.



    Chandbali Jhumka

    We are kicking off the list with the most attractive Chandbalis. In the shape of the iconic Indian crescent, one can never go wrong with a Chandbali that has Jhumkas hanging off of them. From intricately painted and enamelled crescents to embellished ones, these hoop earrings are a must-have accessory among your jewelry sets. Their unique craftsmanship and expert designs promise to never go out of style.





    Kempu Jhumkas

    They are traditional Jhumkas that are crafted in gold plated silver. Inspired by divine figurines, deities, and lora, these vibrant Jhumkas are embellished with a variety of semi-precious kempu stones to enhance their beauty. Used as embellishments on Gods and Goddesses in Temples, this jewelry design using Kempu stones, are also called Temple jewellery.





    Moissanite Jhumkas

    These gorgeous Jhumkas are made with curated gemstones intended to become modern heirlooms. They are given an Indian spin by adding this near-diamond stone to traditional gold plated silver domes depicting native flora and fauna. Made to last, these subtle interplays of gold and shimmering stone render this earring settings ideal for elegant formal wear too! 





    Pearl Jhumkas

    These Jhumkas hail from the cold paradise of Kashmir in the north of India.  A class apart, these gold plated silver earrings come with a pearl bedecked long chain that dangle from the base of the Jhumka allowing you to style it in multiple ways. You can either tuck the pearl chain behind your ears or pin them to sections of your hair, either way you’re set to raise some eyebrows with this stunning design. 





    Hoop Earring

    This is the most versatile accessory you can own. If you are asked, “what is better than a hoop earring?” Then the answer has to be a hoop Jhumka. These beautiful Jhumkas dangle off of an elegant hoop. These Jhumkas trump all other earring settings making you look chic and trendy in any outfit. 






    Ear-cuff Jhumkas

    Ear-cuff Jhumkas have been in trend ever since the earcuffs have taken the fashion jewelry world by storm. These new age earrings are chic and modern while staying true to their traditional way of jewelry design. 






    Meenakari Jhumkas 

    Meenakari is the Persian art of decorating the surface of metals with a fusion of brilliant colors. Meenakari when recreated with Jhumkas, brings about a freshness in the design while honoring the art form. These Jhumkas are statement earrings with a modern twist to the age-old art. 





    Kundan Jhumkas

    Kundan Jewelry is popular for its elaborate designs involving gemstones in a gold-filled base. Kundan Jhumkas are exquisite earrings embedded with sparkling polki stones making it a desirable and attractive piece of jewelry. Kundan necklaces and earrings are typically gold plated imbuing them with regal splendour. Traditionally worn by members of the royal household, this art of jewelry making has been embraced by contemporary fashion for its versatility in styling.



    Now that you know all your options in this Indian traditional gold plated accessory, we’re sure you’d like to feast your eyes on some of these gorgeous patterns. Explore a wide range of sterling silver Jhumka earrings and gold-plated jewelry on 

    We’ll make sure you are ready to bring in some cheer this holiday season!