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  • A Complete Guide to Styling Silver Jewelry with Office Wear

    May 14, 2022 3 min read

    A Complete Guide to Styling Silver Jewelry with Office Wear
    Styling silver jewelry with office wear can be very tricky. The key to styling silver for work is to keep it simple. Professional spaces greatly appreciate the beauty of minimal, classy and delicate silver jewelry. With a minimalistic approach, there is no fear of overdoing it. Silver necklaces, silver earrings and much more can be effortlessly and appropriately styled for professional spaces so as to make you look beautiful and confident in formals, be it Indian or Western.

    Here’s how you can style some exquisite  silver online jewelry pieces part of Paksha’s handcrafted collection -

    1. Pendant Necklaces

    One can never stop talking about the grace of a pendant necklace. They are highly versatile and can be styled on a number of different occasions without looking out of place. Styling pendant necklaces with formals are just the thing your power suit needs.

    You could style your look with white rhodium finish  silver necklaces with a stylish pendant like the Amelia CZ silver chain pendant or the Lilah delicate CZ horseshoe silver pendant. Each of these designs features bright and beautiful cubic zircon stones in a unique design. They sit right under your chin and can go with just any formal outfit.

    Gold plated  silver necklace  like the Zaina Moissanite Silver Pendant necklace with beautiful moissanite stones embedded in a delicate pear-shaped design is minimal, yet speaks volumes about the uniqueness of the design, the expert craftsmanship and execution of a fresh new design that can be effortlessly paired with formal wear.


    2. Rings

    There is something about Mother of sparkle CZ silver finger ring and Chestnut CZ silver design that just fits right in when styling silver jewelry for office wear. Both the rings are timeless, classic designs with a central stone and a combination of smaller stones highlighting the central stone without overdoing it. Each of the designs is unique in its own way even though they stem from similar ideas and that is the beauty of excellent craftsmanship, the ability to interpret an idea in different ways and bring out the best elements of a single idea.

    These rings come with an elegant rose gold plating, yellow gold plating and rhodium finish and in each of these forms, these rings can be styled seamlessly with office wear.


    3. Silver Earrings

    Drop earrings  are wonderful statement earrings and the beauty of pearls just adds to their grace and beauty. The double pearl earrings are a uniquely designed piece for the unique and beautiful you. The combination of pearls and gold is beyond beautiful.

    Who would have thought that geometry and jewelry might go hand in hand one day? The Bella pearl geometry  silver earrings are a harmonious blend of geometry in jewelry that manages to pleasantly surprise everyone. It is inspired by every free-spirited woman for whom, only the sky is the limit.


    4. Layers and Charms

    Charms as pendants and layered necklaces as concepts have gained insane popularity over the past few years. These ideas are in tune with the current trends and make for wonderful accessories for your office wear.

    Layered necklaces give you more of just a stunning design. The Sparkle CZ minimal layered silver necklace and the Nipuna CZ two layers of silver necklaces are wonderfully designed to sit perfectly below your chin and charm everyone.

    Be it the intimately studded CZ stones or the unique designs in each of these  silver necklaces, they are just the right choice for your office wear look.  

    The design of a twinkling star and a zircon studded floral motif is a stylish new design that you would need to get your hands on for styling with your office clothes. This minimal design can be worn independently or layered with other such similar necklaces.


    As mentioned before, the key is to keep it simple and not overdo it. One needs to keep in mind to not style all these accessories together, that would have the opposite effect. Take turns and style them alternatively with each other or with other  silver online jewelry from Paksha’s collection of exquisite silver accessories to pull off the perfect look.