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  • 5 Attractive Silver Earrings for a Special Occasion

    May 16, 2022 3 min read

    5 Attractive Silver Earrings for a Special Occasion
    Silver earrings  for a special occasion are a contemporary thought. After years of being dominated by gold for special occasions, people are slowly warming up to the idea of  silver jewelry for some special moments in their lives. Affordable, versatile and breathtakingly beautiful  silver earrings are a delight to shop for and easy to buy with jewelry houses taking their business online to make it more accessible. This makes buying attractive  silver jewelry unbelievably easy.

    Here is a list of the most attractive  silver earrings put together by the experts at Paksha.

    1. Kalapi Jadau Silver Earrings

    Studs are not the first things that come to our mind when we think about earrings for special occasions. House of Paksha takes this up as a challenge and designs stunning  stud earrings that can be worn during a special occasion without feeling underdressed. Kalapi Jadau  Silver earrings do just the job.

    This piece brings the iconic peacock motif to life with the help of embedded kemp stones and gorgeous pearls. Clusters of pearls bring out the radiance of the line of red coloured kemp stones in the piece. The colours, the design and the elements make this piece an elegantly crafted, attractive pair of silver studs that can be a part of your  silver jewelry collection for special occasions.

    2. Charuthi Jadau Silver Earrings

    When there are out of the box ideas pitched, they require the craftsman to bring in their A-game while designing a piece of  silver jewelry.Charuthi Jadau Silver Earrings are a testament to how the art of ideation, design and execution can be taken to the next level. A fresh new design is a feast for the eyes. It is unexpected and at most times, a pleasant surprise. This intricate floral motif in the centre surrounded by lines of Polki stones arranged on a square frame is only accentuated by jade quartz beads and pearls.

    This piece will definitely make it to your list of attractive silver earring options for a special day because of its grace and allure.

    3. Nita Moissanite Silver Chandbali Earrings

    The beauty of chandbalis is inexplicable. Inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful moon in its crescent form. The sophisticated classic  chandbali design decked with a fine blend of moissanite and cubic zircons wields an unparalleled charm. These simple, elegant and beautiful chandbalis can be styled with other gold-toned  silver jewelry settings dominated by zircons or moissanite stones.

    4. Sarika Jadau Polki Silver Earrings

    We are all in search of that one piece of silver jewellery that we just never want to take off. The Sarika Chandbalis are designed to perfection with Polki stones, floral motifs and not one but two chand motifs. The beads are green and a shade of blue each bringing out the colour of the other. The piece is perfect for  weddings and other special occasions.

    5. Rasika Mayur Moissanite Silver Jhumkas

    Infused with the essence of traditional elements onto an elaborately designed pair of  silver earrings,the Rasika Mayur moissanite  silver jhumkas are a testament to brilliant craftsmanship. The piece features 3 beautiful  jhumkas.Two of them are of the same size and the third one is bigger than the other two. It also displays the grandeur of the Mayur motif in the piece. This ravishing  jhumka is enough to make a grand entrance on a special occasion.  

    Each of these designs is handcrafted to perfection by the artisans at Paksha. They are specially designed for all those special moments to turn them into the most cherished and memorable moments of your life.