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  • Explore the most followed Silver Jewellery Trends in 2022

    January 30, 2022 2 min read

    Explore the most followed Silver Jewellery Trends in 2022
    The year 2022 has been glorious for Silver. We have seen some stylish, classic and elegant designs emerge as winning trends this past year. Fine silver jewelry and gold-plated silver jewelry have made it clear that they are here to stay.

    We enjoyed being able to show them off some high quality, premium designs that were both affordable and royal at the same time. Innovations and experiments with silver jewelry made desirable precious designs highly affordable to the masses. This meant only one thing, more for all of us! Let us have a look at what clicked for us in the jewelry segment last year. These humble and elegant designs had charmed all of us during 2022.

    Dainty silver necklaces recreated as layered necklaces were a boon for women looking for classy elegant pieces of jewelry for casual and office wear. They are demure pieces of jewelry that enhance the look of every single outfit of yours. We also saw these layers of silver necklaces adorned by beautiful charms in a variety of colours and shapes.

    Filigree on silver is a trend that was lauded for its intricate designs. It is a technique that involves a lot of detailing using intricate metalwork to craft delicate, ornate pieces of jewelry. It was surely a sight to behold!

    Pearls rocked the better part of 2022. The varieties of pearls didn’t stop at Freshwater, Akoya or the South sea pearls, similarly, the number of designs where pearls are the protagonists were also endless. Be it delicate silver necklaces, silver earrings or gold plated silver temple jewelry, pearls are everywhere. There was no design that couldn’t accommodate pearls and their glorious form.

    Who would’ve thought that Kempu stones embedded on gold plated 925 silver was going to be one of the most regal pieces of jewelry. The coming together of kharigars to present artisanally crafted Kemp work was celebrated far and wide. They were handcrafted for special occasions to captivate the attention of anyone who passed by. Kempu surely was the star that stood out!

    Dual-tone silver jewelry is the best of both worlds. The lustre of gold and silver blended together to create a fascinating piece of jewelry. It was a trend you could just not miss. They are so versatile that they can be flawlessly paired with practically anything in your closet, even with your eyes closed. It was an unconventional design that stole our hearts.

    Gemstones on silver made the colours of your outfits pop. It was definitely a sight that we’d love to see in 2022 as well. Gemstones and semi-precious stones came in attractive colours and delivered some stunning beauties in ‘21. Be it pure silver, sterling silver or plated silver, it’s safe to say no woman was going to shy away from a pop of colours and glamour.

    Team silver was a winner last year! We saw some really attractive, bold pieces of jewelry crafted to grace some of our special moments. We saw the demand for premium quality, affordable silver jewelry increase ten-folds. Silver’s durability and sheer beauty have once again proved why it is a timeless classic.  We listed out trends that stood out, created an impact and made heads turn!