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  • Indian Earrings in Silver - Then to Now

    January 24, 2022 3 min read

    Indian Earrings in Silver - Then to Now
    The part of the past that is documented states that the earliest account of the usage of silver was as a medium of exchange. Whereas, jewelry was being made from shells, animal bones and stones. Centuries of men and women have worn amulets and talismans in the belief that they would ward off evil; some civilizations even used jewelry to describe and distinguish ranks and religions, societal status and much more. Over the years, a lot has changed in the sphere of fashion and today, silver jewellery is an ultimate accessory of beauty and power for women across the globe.

    From silver spoons to silver bracelets, the world has witnessed some extraordinary articles made out of silver. Silver jewelry has stood out because of its timelessness and sheer beauty, not to forget its malleability to be cast into a variety of jewelry designs.   

    Studs and Hoops have been with us a long time. It dates back to when sailors sported hoops; it meant that they survived a shipwreck. During the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s hoops defined a statement look for women. Even to this date, a bigger hoop is considered to be more of a fashion statement than smaller ones. While hoops have always inspired flamboyance and boldness, studs inspired minimalism. Women have kept studs alive for their light, simple and elegant designs and passed them on for generations to come.


    Jhumka, another type of earring design has been famous for its distinct structure and versatility. Jhumkas have evolved and inspired number of modern and contemporary designs for young and older women alike.

    Danglers were unconventional, yet widely accepted for their inherent fashion value. They were bold, they made a statement and most importantly they were highly desirable. They took the world of fashion by storm with their unique, innovative designs.

    The oldest form of jewelry that was respected and sought after was the Temple Jewelry, although it was made specifically to be worn by dancers we now see that the temple jewelry has inspired so many handcrafted pieces of jewelry made accessible to a wider group of people who respect and appreciate it for its authenticity and cultural impact.

    A lot of designs have come and gone; some have stayed and made an impact while others haven’t. The world of fashion is fast growing, each day there is something new in the space for us to watch out for. These statement earring designs were being designed to be made in all kinds of materials catering to a larger audience. Handcrafted silver that had started gaining popularity for its quality, beauty and affordability was transforming trending, sought after designs into fascinating pieces of jewelry. This step made silver jewelry an affordable luxury.

    The world of fashion saw a breakthrough when silver jewelry was plated with gold to elevate the designs and enhance their beauty. Temple jewelry, Kemp jhumkas and much more were being made into premium high quality silver jewelry plated with gold to bestow the designs with grace and allure. Classic earring designs were being created and recreated by artisans to make them accessible to women of all socio-economic statuses.

    Silver jewelry has gone beyond and above to make every woman feel beautiful for all these years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Each passing day, silver’s journey in adding to the beauty of a woman gets realized when each and every woman gets to wear these exquisite collections of silver earrings crafted with love and admiration.