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  • Handcrafted Silver Jhumkas - Why are they Ageless?

    January 11, 2022 2 min read

    Handcrafted Silver Jhumkas - Why are they Ageless?
    Silver Jewlery has charmed us all with its versatility, grace and sheer beauty. There is no doubt that silver is everlasting. Jhumkas have been an intrinsic part of several art forms & cultures in its day and age. The jhumkas that we see are beautifully embellished to suit traditional outfits. Recently we have seen these beautiful jhumkas being paired with casual attires as well. Handcrafted silver jhumka earrings binds the essence of silver with the beauty of jhumkas.


    Jhumka’s have been in existence since the era of Cholas, evolving graciously with the eras that came by and assimilating into the cultures that strengthened the cultural heritage of India. Jhumkas have been closely associated with dance as it paints a vivid picture of movement and flow. During the era of Cholas, jhumkas were manifested as earrings worn specially by dancers that were inspired by the ancient temple statues. Mughals gave this design of jhumkas a makeover of its own by recreating this design with the bell shaped figure of a jhumka hanging off of flower shaped studs. Each culture & region in India accepted jhumkas with a twist of their own.

    Movies have been an integral part of our culture. As a child, every little girl is inspired by her role model in cinema. During the 80’s and the 90’s Bollywood presented actresses decked in silver jhumkas on the big screen. And the next thing you know, girls started flocking jewelry stores looking for this new big thing. More recently, silver oxidized jhumkas have been in vogue. Their rustic charm has taken the fashion world by storm. Jhumkas have been experimented with using different layers, gemstones and embellishments, and materials while keeping the classic bell shape design intact. But the allure of handcrafted silver jhumkas is unparalleled. While the designs retain their original aesthetics, modern jhumkas are getting makeovers to suit the wearer’s lifestyle.

    Some of the experiments like Ear cuff jhumkas, hoop jhumkas and Kashmiri jhumkas among many others have been loved and cherished by the women of today. The constantly growing love for these jhumkas has motivated designers to create and recreate some iconic trends in fashion. It is safe to say that the traditional jhumkas have undergone variations in their designs and approaches but the love for these masterpieces remain unmatched.

    The current fashion environment has taken businesses online and jewelry houses have also followed suit. With collections being easily available on the internet, the demand for online jewellery in India has seen a significant increase. The high quality silver jewelry being available online makes it highly simple to browse through collections and order your favourite piece. The jhumkas come in gold but handcrafted silver jhumkas are affordable and attractive. Online jewelry houses are exploring viable, affordable and attractive options to present to the audience, one of which is the artisanally handcrafted silver jhumkas. They are attractive, humble and nuanced.  

    Today’s fast growing fashion world has been constantly trying to modernize this everlasting design. The mere fact that these jhumkas can be flawlessly recreated with modern sensibilities is a testament to their timelessness.

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