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  • Style Your Traditional Attire with These Lovely Maang Tikka Designs

    August 03, 2022 2 min read

    Style Your Traditional Attire with These Lovely Maang Tikka Designs
    Maang tikkas are an integral part of any wedding attire. You don’t just have to be a bride to be able to pull off a dazzling maang tikka at the wedding. The bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and the bridal party can complete their outfits with this impeccable ornament. Silver Maang tikkas can be sported by anyone at the wedding or during any other special occasion such as a bridal shower, baby shower or festival. Paksha atelier boasts an exclusive collection of elaborate bridal and non-bridal maang tikkas that can make anyone fall in love with them.

    Have a look at some of these breathtaking  maang tikka designs that can be paired with your traditional attires.

    1. Vihara Chandbali Silver Maang Tika

    The combination of white and gold comes alive in this classic, delicate design. Tiny drops and pearls are strung together to deck the hairline while the Chaand Bali design embedded with Polki stones sits comfortably on your forehead. The piece is finished with tiny clusters of pearls that complement the immaculate white polki stones on a  gold-plated silver frame.

    2. Mayur Kempu Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    Accessorizing becomes 100 times more fun with this antique finish piece which features the ever-so-graceful peacock motifs in harmony with the several intricate floral patterns and motifs. The parting of your hair is accentuated by the motifs that resemble a bud embellished with pearl clusters. The motifs are embedded with Kempu and Polki stones in pink, green and white respectively adding definition to your outfit.

    3. Kijani Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    Kijani is a celebration of elegance and character in an artisanally handcrafted maang tikka. This stunning piece of accessory is elaborately designed with floral sensibilities. The Chaand Bali frame cradles the lotus motif which is held in place by a chain that is embellished with the beauty of floral motifs and pearls. The highlight of this piece is the row of pastel green coloured beads hanging from the crescent-shaped frame, finishing the piece on a high.

    4. Vihasta Jadau Silver Maangtika

    What's better than one ravishing Chaand Bali design? Two of them. Vihasta features two crescent-shaped frames of different sizes. The more petite Chaand Bali frame embraces the bigger, more majestic frame. The bigger chaand frame is home to an elaborate arrangement of resplendent polki stones. The chain that holds the Chaand Bali design and the drop-shaped design in place is a line of aesthetically arranged tiny drops embellished with clusters of pearls on both sides.

    5. Nala Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    The interplay of white and red colour stones is featured in this exquisite design. The brightly coloured lotus motif sits gracefully across your forehead while the white-coloured stones engulf the central design. The base of the central design is accentuated by clusters of pearls from which quartz beads are seen hanging. The string of spaced pearls adds just the right amount of jazz to your  favourite maang tikka design. Style it with lehengas, sarees, shararas and anarkalis during any special occasion.

    You can never go wrong with a maang tikka of any kind. Be it maang tikkas with elaborate stonework or ones with simple, magnetic design, the maang tikkas at Paksha never fails to awe their wearer and the eyes of their onlookers.