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  • 5 Silver Jewelry Designs You Can Style with Your Gorgeous Party Wear

    May 18, 2022 3 min read

    5 Silver Jewelry Designs You Can Style with Your Gorgeous Party Wear
    Sass and silver in the right proportion is the perfect way to party this season. Pair your exquisite partywear with bright shining silver, gold and rose gold finish on your silver jewelry to be the talk of the town. Silver choker necklaces, earrings, pendant necklaces, rings and bracelets for all kinds of occasions are available online these days, making browsing for designs and shopping for exquisite pieces of jewelry hassle-free.

    Here is a list of a few of Paksha’s handpicked exclusive partywear collections designed for dinners, soirees, anniversaries, or just any event to be remembered.  

    1. Carre CZ Silver Classic Studs

    A classic stud design is revamped with a unique presentation of the embellished zircon stones. These are highly versatile pieces of jewelry that can be perfectly paired with evening gowns and partywear sarees for an elegant look. This stud can also be worn along with pendant necklaces or silver choker necklaces that are also studded with cubic zircons.


    2. Ivy CZ Silver Chain Earrings

    Delicately designed chain earrings with high-quality CZ stones and silver and rose gold plating are crafted with great finesse. The central floral motif decked with beautiful and bright CZ stones is designed to sit right below the earlobe. The chain hangs behind the central motif. The design does not have pushbacks, the chain is slid effortlessly into the piercing until the central motif hangs right below the lobe. These unique pair of  earrings are perfect for outfits that you’d pick out for a party.



    3. Kusum Silver CZ Necklace

    We’ve all seen how well gold and pearls go together, but the combination of silver and pearls in the presence of high-grade CZ stones is breathtakingly beautiful. The necklace is dominated by floral motifs. The chain that holds the neckpiece in place is an extension of the design and displays unique floral patterns throughout the length of the chain. The central floral motif is surrounded by circular frames each with a pearl drop hanging from these frames.

    Designed to make a statement, this neckwear is a head-turner for sure.


    4. Wisteria CZ White Gold Silver Necklace

    An elegantly crafted silver necklace with fine CZ stones designed in a distinct pattern that resembles a delicate blossom is designed to make a statement with its grace. A simple yet stunning piece of jewelry can be paired with other CZ stone accessories, earrings and bracelets alike for a soiree or a date night.


    5. Prafulti Zircon Silver Necklace Set

    Inspired by the blooms during spring, this delicate design is crafted with CZ stones that look like droplets of the dew. The earrings complement the  choker necklace with similar floral patterns and droplets encrusted with zircon stones. Pair it elegantly with sarees, evening gowns and dresses and be sure to turn atleast a few heads at the party.

    With  pure silver Indian Jewelry online, shopping has become highly simplified. At Paksha’s online store, there is something for everyone. For those who prefer styling their partywear with simple and subtle designs and those who opt for bold designs, one can pick from an array of beautiful designs online. The versatility of silver makes it possible to craft a variety of designs to suit your needs. The one thing that is common among both these groups of women is the desire to make a statement with their jewelry.