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    Shop Victorian Jewelry from Paksha 

    Discover the exquisite charm of a bygone era with Paksha's Victorian Heirloom Collection. Each piece embodies the intricate artisanship of the Victorian epoch, created in a manner that blends classic elegance with modern jewelry. Revel in the opulence of Victorian heirloom jewelry-inspired designs, handcrafted with precision and adorned with shimmering moissanite and semi-precious emerald gemstones. Add your style to this collection, where tradition meets contemporary artistry, making it perfect for any occasion. Indian Victorian jewelry styles are based on the floral and leaf patterns most popular during the early Victorian era. 

    Modern Moissanite Silver Necklace Set 

     The  Modern Moissanite Silver Necklace Set from Paksha's Victorian Heirloom Collection will surely bring you the old-time charm your outfit needs. Crafted to perfection, this Victorian jewelry set captures the essence of Victorian antique jewelry while embracing modern trends. The intricate  silver necklace exudes timeless elegance, complemented by matching drop earrings adorned with brilliant moissanite gems. Perfectly versatile, this set adds a touch of refined Indian Victorian glamour to your ensemble for any event or celebration. 

    Rasika Moissanite Silver Waistband  

    Adorn yourself with the regal allure of the  Rasika Moissanite Silver Waistband from Paksha's Victorian Heirloom Collection. This exquisite waistband reflects the opulence of Victorian jewelry, reimagined in modern styles. The radiant moissanite gemstones set in sterling silver evoke a sense of grandeur, enhancing your waistline. 

    Modern Moissanite Silver Drop Earrings 

    Embrace your dark academic style with the  Modern Moissanite Silver Drop Earrings. Crafted with finesse, this Victorian jewelry masters the art of embracing modern aesthetics. The delicate silver design showcases moissanite gemstones, capturing attention with every movement. This piece of victorian ancient jewelry is best for formal gatherings and casual soirées. 

    Apara Moissanite Silver Maang Tikka 

    Embrace the allure of tradition with the  Apara Moissanite Silver Maang Tikka from Paksha's Victorian Jewelry Collection. This hairpiece pays homage to Victorian heirloom jewelry. Victorian hair jewelry is beautiful, exquisite and looks excellent when paired with other jewelry. The graceful silver design, adorned with sparkling moissanite gemstones, beautifully embellishes your hair, creating a buildable style that will look great alongside other Victorian jewelry. Victorian hair jewelry in India is quite underrated, due to it’s unique plating and symmetry.  

    Floral Drop Moissanite Silver Earrings  

    Get mesmerized by the  Floral Drop Moissanite Silver Earrings by Paksha. Inspired by the beauty of floral Victorian jewelry, these earrings feature a captivating floral motif with a semi-precious emerald. The intricate design is adorned with dazzling moissanite gemstones, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your ensemble. With their delicate and unique charm, these earrings complement your style for any special occasion. Victorian antique jewelry was one of the most sought-after jewelry styles in the early 19th century and is still relevant today. Indian Victorian jewelry with semi-precious stones is one of India's most sought-after jewelry styles. Moissanite jewelry is one of the most beautiful jewelry on the market today, right after diamond and  cubic zirconia jewelry. Moissanite jewelry tends to be more durable, better looking and does not scratch or break easily, making it the number one choice for fine jewelry.